Valamis LXP 4.9 Release Notes

Valamis LXP 4.9 has been released!

It includes new features, like Invitation Links, new notifications for eCommerce, and Training events improvements.

Invitation Links

A new feature called Invitation Links provides the opportunity to create “vouchers” to send out to users in the form a link to the learning content.

Once the user clicks on that link, they become a member of a learning path, training event, or a course. 

If there are no seats available, they will see a message about it.

A manager will see a list of users, who have accepted the link.

A user with the role of a Link Manager will be able to create and manage such links.


Creating an invitation link

  1. Click on the corresponding button.
  2. Choose a Learning Path, Course or Event to link to. 
  3. Link name will be copied from the title, or you can create a custom one. 
  4. Set a number of invitations. That number will be reserved from the content’s seat limit if it’s set.
  5. Save it.

Payment order notification

We’ve implemented new email notifications for confirming several order statuses.

There are 3 cases for notifications: 

  • Order successfully paid
  • Order successfully refunded
  • Order failed

Link to order details is provided in a notification.

Training events improvements

You can no longer remove members of other organizations from your training event, nor see their information.