Valamis LXP Update - February 2022

We are proud to announce our newest features for the Valamis learning platform! Since the last notes, we've developed new ways to access paid content, added a Valamis app to MS Teams for learners to easily access their content, added support for attachments in Traning Events, as well as improved support for math syntax in Lesson Studio.


Users can now request free access to paid content from their managers. Requests is a new feature in eCommerce that allows users to send requests for paid content, and for managers to receive, approve, or deny these requests. These managers are responsible for their own area, based on organization hierarchy. The costs of learning content need to be invoiced separately via the company’s own system.

Let's look at the workflow.

Requesting Access to Content

As learner browses the content, they can find paid content that they may want to access and want the company to pay for it. If the Requests feature is enabled, they can click Request access, whiсh will send a request to the respective manager. The manager will get a notification about the new request and will need to approve or deny it.

Learners and managers can find their own sent requests in the My Requests tab, check their status, and cancel them. Learners only see this single tab. If their request is approved or denied, learners will get a corresponding notification.

If it's approved, the learner is given free access to the content. They also can leave and join it again, without having to request it a second time. 

Managing Requests

In the Requests tool, the managers will see the list of requests in the form of a table.

The columns describe requests details, such as:

  • Status - Pending, Approved, or Denied.
  • Request date - date and time of the sent request.
  • Request by - the name of the user who made the request.
  • Title - the name and type of the content being requested.
  • Costs - the cost of each item.
  • Approve/deny - the buttons to handle the request, and after that - the date of approval.

They can filter the table by date and status, and search for specific requests, using provided filters and tools.

The managers can then download the CSV report to compile the checks for the company to pay for the approved content.

Higher-level administrators will be able to see the requests across the whole company, as well as the responsible managers for each request. Admins can approve or deny all requests on their own. Having wider access, they will also get a bigger CSV report than the lower-level managers.

Microsoft Teams - Valamis App

We have developed a special Valamis app for Microsoft Teams to further integrate learning into learners' daily working lives.

After configuration, learners will be able to access Valamis content via the Valamis icon on the Teams sidebar.

It can be searched for and placed on the sidebar by learners themselves.

The view that opens up after clicking on it includes a couple of rows:

  • Continue learning - lists the learning paths that the user is a part of but haven't completed yet.
  • Recommended for you - recommends relevant content.

MathType in Lesson Studio

We now support special syntax for math equations in the text editor of Lesson Studio.

Just click the corresponding icon when editing a text element to open the MathType editor for mathematical equations.

This feature is disabled by default and requires an extra license to be paid for. 

Training Events - File Attachments

You can now attach any files to a training event, in addition to lessons. Click Attach materials, and select Attach files. The maximum file size is configurable. 

The attachments will be available only to participants of the event in the event info.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • "Estimated duration" fields were added to the creation settings in Training Events, Learning Paths, and Courses. This value can then be used in reports. 
  • You can now edit UI strings for Mobile App via Translation Editor.
  • Webex support has been removed.
  • Fixed issue with changing languages in the Theme sidebar menu items.