Valamis LXP Update - November 2021

We're back with more news on our latest features! Since the last time, we have implemented an updated User Profile, more powerful styling settings for the Theme, support for Stripe payment service in eCommerce, and many improvements in Lesson Studio, Training Events, and Learning Paths. Let's learn more about these exciting features!

The new User Profile

The User Profile has been fully updated. Now, every user has a personal page that describes their background, contacts, location, work titles and departments, and more.

They can edit their personal details right on the page. The “status” seen near the profile picture can also be changed by the user.

The exact fields here are currently limited to:

  • About – a simple text field for the user to tell something about themselves.
  • Personal info:
    • Date of birth
    • Email
    • Phone number
  • Location:
    • Country
    • Region
    • City
  • Work:
    • Job title
    • Department
    • Office
    • Organization

By clicking on an email address or a phone number, users can instantly contact the user through these means. These details can be made private or public (for signed-in users).

The Profile has several page layouts available for use – in the double-column page layout, there’s extra space available for any Valamis tool you may want to have on the page, while a single-column layout provides a cleaner look. 

Editing profile details

  1. First, upload your profile picture by clicking on the corresponding button. 
  2. Then, upload a background cover image for your profile page.

  1. To change the profile details, click on the Edit button in the lower section of the page to open the following menu:

  1. Fill in your details. Each field can be made hidden or visible for other signed-in users. Note that to see another user profile you need to know their URL and copy it into the browser – this is going to be improved soon in development.

Configuring the profile page

To configure a profile page, do the following steps:

  1. Create a profile page and apply one of the profile page layouts to it.
  2. Add the following tools from the Valamis Utilities section: first, “Basic info” on top of the page, then “About” under it.
  3. In Control Panel - Theme Settings – Control menu, go to the bottom of the page, and find the Show profile settings and enable it. Copy and paste the URL of the page that you’ve created in these steps.

Done! Now this page can be accessed via the user menu in the top-right corner.

Each user will see only their own profile this way.

Lesson improvements

  • Multiple options can now be selected for choice questions. With this option, multiple correct answers to one question are now possible. You can either make users select all the correct options, or just one of them.
  • It’s also possible to have no correct answers to a question by making it a survey question. To do so check the "Survey question" checkbox right under the question type selection, when choosing the Choice question type.
  • The content manager title can now be changed via the Custom Title option in Look&Feel.

Stripe payment method

On the eCommerce side of things, we’ve now added support for the Stripe payment method. If your organization uses this payment service, you can now have a seamless experience when purchasing content in Valamis.

Enrollment deadlines in Training Events

You can now set deadlines for enrollment into Training Events.

This setting makes it clear to learners that they need to apply to an event before a certain date and time.

Support for Definition of Terms in the subject of email notifications

Definition of Terms will now be also supporting the email subject, aside from the body. This means that you can add the keywords in the subject, which will be replaced by the proper value in each case.

To edit email notifications, go to Control Panel - Instance Settings - Configuration - Email notifications

New styling options in Theme Settings

Our custom styling settings for the Theme are now greatly expanded! The new additions include the following sections:

Header options

  • Background color – changes the color of the header background. 
  • Icon color – changes the color of the icons in the header. 
  • Indicator color – an indicator is shown above the tool icon, whenever there is a new notification. 
  • Indicator border color – changes the border of the indicator border, which is an outer circle. 
  • Active tool color – the color of the currently selected tool in the header.
  • User font color – the color of the user name in the header.
  • Header bottom border color – the color of the thin line right below the header.
  • Header element focus color – the color of the focus borders (shows up, when you use Tab to navigate elements).
  • Search box fill color – the color of the inside of the search box.
  • Search empty state font color – the color of the “Search” text, when nothing has been typed in yet.
  • Search box icon color – the color of the search icon on the right side of the search box.
  • Search box border color – the color of the border of the search box.
  • Hide search box border you may hide the box border if you want.

Product menu

  • Background color  the background color of the product menu.
  • Font color – the color of the fonts and icons in the product menu. Inactive items will have icons and text of the same color.
  • Active page indicator  the active page indicator line color.
  • Active page icon color – the icon color of the active page. 
  • Divider Divider line color between navigation items and admin tools, like Control Panel.
  • Side border Border color on the right side of the product menu.


  • Learning Paths will now show localized titles and descriptions in Learning Paths Statistics.
  • The integrated content source will now be shown in the learning goal list in My Learning Paths, e.g. "Udemy". 
  • The time format in Training Events will use 24h format in calendar view in relevant user locales.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wrong URL being used for Forms as learning goals.
  • Fixed an issue will view scrolling being blocked after clicking on a goal group title in Learning Paths.
  • Fixed an issue with deactivating a learning path created by another admin.
  • Fixed an issue with categories added to a training event not being propagated to its sessions or cloned events.
  • Fixed the behavior of learning goals with strict learning progression being inaccessible without first refreshing the page.