Valamis LXP Update - September 2021

It’s time for a new update on our latest features in Valamis LXP.

Since the last update, we’ve added many improvements in Integration Manager, Lesson Studio, and other tools. Various bug fixes and minor improvements are described in this article, as well. 

Let’s take a look at what's new!

Disabling propagation of changes for the course template

A new setting in Course Manager allows you to disable propagating any changes to the course created with this course template. This means that if you disable it, your course will be untouched, even if the original course template has been edited.

Organization admin user view limit (property file setting)

We’ve added a possibility to limit which users an organization administrator can see. Using this property in your portal settings, you will limit the view for organization administrators to only the users from the organization courses they are administrating. Without it, organization administrators also see all the members in non-organization courses.

New behavior for links to events in Learning Paths

If you have a training event with different sessions as a learning goal, the link provided in the goal list will take you to the closest event session, excluding the ones that have already passed.

Integration improvements

In Learning Paths, when you add a learning goal, the integrated content like Harvard Business Publishing, LinkedIn Learning, getAbstract, and Udemy for Business is now grouped under the Integrated content type of goal.

Completion settings

A new setting for auto-completion is available in Valamis Administration for some integrations. This allows you to set auto-completion for integrations that don’t support completion tracking when adding them as learning goals to learning paths.

In automatic completion, the learning goal is completed as soon as the user clicks on the link provided in the goal.

This is optional, and we suggest using manual completion for a better user experience so that the relevant learning path goal will only be completed when a user marks it as such.

Lesson Studio - independent background settings for devices

You can now apply different background settings to different device views in Lesson Studio. For example, you can stretch the image in the Widescreen view, and fill the background in Mobile view.

Just check “Use only on this device” to make current device view settings independent from the rest.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved accessibility in Lesson Studio, Integration Manager, Notifications.
  • Fixed slide thumbnails for mobile device and in Arrange mode in Lesson Studio.
  • Improved and optimized PPTX and PDF import in Lesson Studio.
  • Fixed a bug with some lessons becoming locked and unavailable as learning goals in Learning Paths.
  • Fixed an issue with Credly Badges not shown in the Learning Path view.
  • Fixed an issue with organization course not being accessible via Saved list.
  • Fixed color contrast in Notifications.
  • Fixed sorting with a filter on in Evaluations.
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal), Ukrainian, and Indonesian localizations.
  • Recent lessons and Lesson Viewer titles can now be edited via Look&Feel configuration menu.
  • Fixed invalid dates in Search (occurred in Safari)
  • The lesson state will now be saved when a user has watched the video, which helps with saving progress.
  • Fixed an issue when no courses could be found in Search.
  • Fixed an issue with certificate files with special characters in the LP title.
  • Fixed an issue with broken Evaluations app when handling LPs with goals groups and strict progression enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with Harvard articles being displayed in the wrong locale in Search.