Valamis LXP September 2022 Update

We're happy to present to you our latest improvements to the Valamis learning platform. 

Using Custom Fields in Audiences

You can now enable and disable custom fields to be used in the Audience criteria, further narrowing down the user scope of your audience.

To do so, click the "gear" button near the Create audience button.


You will see a list of custom fields that show active and inactive custom fields. Just toggle the ones you need on and the ones you don't off.  

Done! The fields you've enabled in Settings will now appear, when defining the criteria for Audiences.


Go1 Integration 

A new content integration has been added to Valamis. Add whatever Go1 content you want via Integration Manager and use it as learning goals in Learning Paths.

Go1 content will also appear in content recommendations in Rows if configured. Go1 supports completion tracking, meaning the completed content will automatically count as a completed learning goal.

User Profile Improvements

A new Profile Settings app allows you to configure Custom fields for user profiles. 

Custom fields are divided into groups that you also create. Each field may be set as read-only to prevent editing by users or it can be allowed to change the value. Another option is the privacy settings, which make the field visible to the profile owner or to all signed-in users. 

You may also prevent changes from being done by the profile owner via the corresponding settings.

External Learning App Improvements

  • Can now save an activity without assigning CPD points to it.
  • Now supports .xslx file format for attachments.

Other Improvements

  • Added a "minutes" field to estimated duration options next to hours.
  • The Points app now allows selecting multiple organizations at once when setting a goal target. 
  • Performance improved in Training Events.
  • Organizations are now selectable in Set Visibility for lessons.
  • Points app is now available in the Translation Editor.
  • Added sorting by a Cancelled status in the Order history.