Valamis Mobile App

Valamis Mobile App is a lightweight Valamis LXP used to engage learners via their mobile devices. The App can be used both online and offline. It hooks up to an existing Valamis environment and provides intuitive access to relevant content.

The supported OS versions are Apple iOS 12 and Android 9, or newer.

How it works

Once you log in, you will see the Home page and a menu at the bottom of the screen. There you can see several page: Home, For You, and Calendar, which provide quick access to relevant information and content.

Let’s go through them. 


The Home page displays the most relevant content like your learning paths, lessons (available and downloaded), assignments, and upcoming events.

It also features content recommendations that work the same as the ones in the web version. 

For You

This page lists all available learning paths, lessons, assignments, and courses in separate sections.

Lessons: here you can browse and complete lessons that are available for you.

You can download a lesson for offline viewing via the button to the right side of each lesson.

When browsing, you can filter lessons by title via "Filter lessons", and by categories via the filter button. Once the categories are selected you can deselect them in the main list view.

Assignments: lists all the available assignments with their statuses. You can open any assignment to get more information.

The information for each assignment also includes all the relevant details, such as deadlines, task description, instructor list, grades, comments, and more. Users can send text or file as an assignment submission or as a draft.

Learning Paths: browse and join learning paths, view, and complete learning goals.

If learning goals include lessons, you can either download them all at once, or one by one. All important learning path details, such as learning goals, certificates, descriptions, statuses, and other information, can be seen here.

Speaking of other goals: assignments, lessons, and events can be opened directly from the goal list, as well.

Users can download and view their achieved certificates after completing learning paths.

Courses: You can browse and enroll in courses here. Courses are divided into “My Courses” and “Available Courses” tabs. The former shows the courses you’re enrolled in, while the latter shows the ones you can join.  When browsing courses, you can use the search bar and filter them by categories.

When you open a course in the app, you will see its info card with the relevant information, such as its logo, title, description, the number of participants, prerequisite learning paths, completion criteria, as well as learning paths and assignments that are a part of this course.

Once you are enrolled in a course, it can be quickly accessed from your Home page via the My Courses section.

If you want, you can also use the option to open each course in the browser to access the full web view.


The Calendar page provides you with information about current and upcoming events. You can browse event information and join the events that interest you. Open any event to see its details.

If the event is restricted, you can send a join request.

Saving content for later 

Each piece of content in the App can be added to the Saved list for later viewing or completion. Your Saved list here is the same one you have in the web version of Valamis – all saved content is synchronized.

You can do this via Save button which can be accessed in a few ways:

  • In the information section of a learning path or a course: 

  • In the Actions menu for all types of content (triple-dot button):

The Saved list can be opened by clicking on the Profile picture in the app’s upper-right corner and then selecting Saved in the following menu. 

You will see the list of all the content you have saved, grouped into several tabs:

  • All
  • Learning Paths
  • Lessons 
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Assignments

Just scroll from side to side to see each tab. 

In the Saved list, you can search for specific content separately in each tab, as well as filter it by categories.