Sharing and Viewing Lessons

Once the lesson have been published, it becomes available for viewing and sharing through various means. No matter where you view it from, it's going to be the same lesson, and the completion will be counted. Below are the places you can open a lesson from.

Lesson Viewer

This is a dedicated player for lessons in Valamis. No matter how you reach the lesson, you will view it through the Lesson Viewer.

You can use Lesson Viewer by itself on a page or access lessons through other means. In case of a it being on a page, you will first see the main browsing view.

The main view provides a list of lessons for the learner with possibilities to search for lessons, sort, and rate them, as well as share them on the Activity feed. 

You can switch between the Grid and List views. Grid makes it more compact, while the List view provides more details, such as lesson description. 

You can also filter lessons by categories and localizations by clicking the corresponding filters. Rating can be applied both in the full lesson list, and while viewing the lesson itself.

Lesson Viewer is an independent tool, which can look differently on different pages of your environment, depending on each Lesson Viewer's Preferences:

  1. Default view mode - set either Grid or List view.
  2. Lesson Viewer mode:
    • Dynamic - displays all available lessons (depending on their permissions) from the current course or all courses.
    • Manual - select specific lessons to be displayed, even from other courses.
  3. Filter by user language by default - this setting makes it so that the users will see only the lessons that contain content in their locale. 
  4. Filter content by category - in Dynamic mode, you can set the Viewer to show only lessons of specific categories with no possibility for the user to select another category. You can include or exclude categories.
  5. Available category filters - You can also change the category filter behaviour for the user by either allowing all set categories to be shown, or only specific ones.

Using these settings, you can change the behaviour of Lesson Viewer on different pages meant for different types of users.

By clicking the Share button, you can send the link to the lesson via a message, post it to feed, or copy it to the clipboard.


There are several places on your Dashboard where you can access lessons: 

  • My lessons - this tool will list the available and completed lessons that you can open directly. 
  • My learning paths - in the list of goals for a learning path you may see a lesson as a goal, which you can open. 
  • Recent shows the lessons you have opened the last time. 
  • Feed lists users interacting with lessons, and, by clicking on the lesson, you can view it as well.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths with lessons as learning goals allow you to complete them right there by clicking on them in the goal list or going through the learning goals with the learning path internal viewer instrument. 

Shared link

As described above, you can copy the link to any lesson and share it to the user. If they have enough permissions, they will be able to view the lesson directly by clicking on the provided link.

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