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All organizations are unique. They operate differently and have different missions. Technology has always been created with a “one size fits all” mindset, often resulting in a poor user experience, and sometimes creating more problems than the technology is intended to solve.

Never heard of a learning solution that becomes a strategic part of corporate brand and environment? Our platform is about you. We deliver a solution that can be fully designed and customized to engage your people. We believe the key to success is to make technology serve people, not the other way around.

How we do it

Set the vision together
We start by learning your strategy and goals. We bring in our expertise in design, corporate performance and knowledge management. Together, set a vision and commit to business goals.
Design and prototype solutions
We use design thinking and data and learning science to understand the current situation and its root causes. This drives the design of the Solution.
Measure results and adapt
We test and measure prototypes to confirm the benefits and the value. We often run small pilot projects to test our hypotheses.
Value proven, scale up
When the solution meets its goals, it’s time to scale up. This is a continuous process and we want to prove the value first before scaling a solution.

What do you get?

Your solution
The solution will be truly yours: it has your name, your logo and it follows your brand.

Your features and workflow customisation
The Valamis platform supports a holistic solution: LMS, LRS, LXP, learning analytics, micro-learning, content authoring, intranet and extranet capabilities, corporate social media, business analytics with integrations to your data warehouse and a lot more.

Content curation and content recommendation powered by AI. We collaborate and tailor the solution together to meet your goals.

Our expertise
We have over 200 experts in fields of learning, data science, design, corporate performance and technology with 10+ years of experience on average. We have a cross-functional team ready to work with you to make sure we succeed together.

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