XP Adopts a Customer-Centric Approach to Build an End-to-End Learning Ecosystem

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How do you build a customer-centric end-to-end learning solution? Where do you begin when looking for a technology enabler, how do you build a set of criteria and find a solution for your people? How do you implement and rollout a solution to reach your results?

In this case study, we introduce XP Inc., a high-growth investment management company from Brazil that successfully selected, implemented, and achieved record results in employee engagement by building an end-to-end learning ecosystem that puts their customer at the core.

Download this case study to receive a real example of how a company used change agility and learning to:

  • Democratize Learning: All employees have access to learning and can learn from each other.
  • Build Learner Autonomy: People can choose what, when and how they want to learn.
  • Personalize Recommendations: Tailored recommendations to help employees improve performance, based on their skill gaps and interests.
  • Leverage Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning: Aligned with XP’s remote-first, hybrid and flexible new way of working.
  • Creating and sharing content: Employees can easily create new content to upskill and train their teams on new products, as well as to share knowledge more broadly aligned with their areas of expertise.

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Josh Bersin

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