Valamis’ Global L&D Survey Comparison

Learning and Development in Organizations in 2019


We asked a total of 2112 people about their perception of learning and development in their organization.

We received responses from over 20 different industries from all job roles (entry-level to C-Level executives).

Countries surveyed included the US, Germany, and Finland. 


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Some of the highlighted findings from the survey:

  • The importance of learning and development for every organization’s future success is recognized in all markets 

  • All countries have the same top two challenges for learning and development, other challenges are emphasized differently in the markets surveyed.

  • The US is the most mature market for utilizing digital learning environments and modern learning mediums

  • Some differences were noticed in answers between the employee level and management level. For example, the question of ‘how their organization is encouraging people to learn more’ illustrated a large gap between employee and management level answers in each market.

About The Author

Nea Kolmonen, Head of Marketing at Haallas

Nea Kolmonen

Head of Marketing at Haallas

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Nea has over 10 years of experience in marketing in international software companies. She has been running the marketing operations at Valamis since 2015. Nea particularly enjoys co-operating with customers, partners, and industry influencers, as well as creating customer and market research. Nea is a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, mother of two daughters, and passionate sports fan.