Compliance Training

Ensure regulatory compliance by managing your staff and partner network training and certifications cost-effectively

Can you verify, quickly and easily, that your employees' competencies and certificates are up to standard and up to date? And can you show that retailers understand the updated instructions to use your products and services? Nowadays, all companies need their staff to be trained and certified, and to remain up-to-date on continually changing directives, standards, and practices in the company and in the field. It is also particularly important, but even more difficult, to prove that employees meet the required standard of skills when you need to.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensuring that a large organization is compliant with all the necessary regulations and standards, and making sure that the right demands are made to the right people, is often far from easy. With the help of the Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, you can easily manage the different demandingness levels of various work tasks, and target learning content to users based on their particular tasks. The intelligent learning environment understands what parts of a user's skill set are already in good shape, and as the tasks change the system automatically updates the relevant compliance requirements.

Manage training and certifications
Keep regulatory compliance up-to-date
Prove compliance
Reduce audit issues

With the help of Valamis – Learning Experience Platform, you can:

  • Ensure that your employees, and distributor and partner networks remain in compliance as necessary
  • Prove compliance to management, clients, and authorities when auditing takes place
  • Manage compliance requirements globally 24/7
  • Target quality assurance documentation and competency confirmation requirements to the right users
  • Easily maintain and manage the data masses of a large organization
  • Target content to users in accordance with work tasks
  • Significantly ease the workload of personnel management
  • Reduce audit issues
  • Make it easier to retrieve and comply with instructions and directives