Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery extracts useful information from masses of learning materials, including moments in videos, by enabling more efficient search coupled with proactive intelligent recommendations.

Find exactly what you are looking for

The Intelligent Knowledge Discovery solution directs the user to the exact point in the video or another medium where the relevant information can be found, so the time spent searching for information drops dramatically.

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery helps you to:

Find what you are looking for faster.
Get the most relevant recommendations.
Effortlessly tag moments in your video content.
Find the connections between subjects in your learning content.
Find the expertise and connect it with the right teams.
Recognize the hidden structures in your learning materials.

The information you need, when you need it

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery Graph about information filtering

Content in the Right Context

In a lengthy video, you want to find the moment in the video that applies to you. Intelligent Knowledge Discovery makes it possible to find the segment within the video that is most relevant to you, in just a few seconds.

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery can identify trends, similarities and connections between different videos and different paragraphs of text. It then compares the connections with what the learners are currently working on so content can be highly targeted and relevant based on the individual learner’s needs.

Intelligent Content Curation

In Intelligent Knowledge Discovery we concatenated together several IBM Watson applications to enable a comprehensive and precise knowledge management system.

The AI-based solution uses e.g Natural Language Processing (NLP), Visual recognition and Machine learning to go through all your content. It molds the human language and visuals into a form that a machine can understand, interpret, process, analyze and then manipulate.

Combined with the intuitive user interface Intelligent Knowledge Discovery offers your learners just the learning moments they need within their daily work.

Learn more about the feature and how our customers use it from our blog.

Federated Search makes more information accessible

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery can also access information via your integrations. IKD exposes the search engine index from your internal and external sources like Coursera, Linkedin Learning, and edX.

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