Finnish Defence Forces

A smoother application process through an online service

The Finnish Defence Forces revamped and digitalized their conscription training application process. As a result, up-to-date information about the ongoing application process is now available in one easy-to-find place for applicants to view.

The digital transformation of service provision

The Finnish Defence Forces are the backbone of Finnish society, ensuring the safety of Finnish citizens in both war and peace, while also maintaining a safe and encouraging environment for Finnish youth as they carry out their the compulsory national service.

The Finnish Defence Forces recognize the added value from utilizing an electronic service to improve efficiency in various processes by using digital solutions.

Efficiency through an online service

Instead of the traditional paper-based process, the Finnish Defence Forces wanted to adopt a modern online service to make the conscript training selection process run more efficiently. The Finnish Defence Forces needed a way to reach the conscript target group through a natural channel. Offering a low threshold service online, independent of the time and place, felt like a necessity in this sense.

Initially, the service will have approximately 1,000 users. Each year approximately 22,000 people participate in their military service for the Finnish Defence Forces, and the online service will gradually expand to be used by every serviceman and servicewoman. The use of a digital platform makes it possible to work more efficiently and scale that efficiency.

Conscript applications under one roof

As a response to the Finnish Defence Forces' challenge, Valamis offered a service platform that is easy for conscripts to access and use, but also flexible for the Finnish Defence Forces personnel to use. For user identification, the service uses the State of Finland's shared service. After identification occurs in this service, the user can choose the open application position that interests them the most and submit their application by following a clearly instructed application process.

The ease of the renewed application process may lower the enrolment threshold and facilitate communication about open application processes while meeting the information security level requirements.

Application Process Usability

The conscript application process has now been digitalized and complies with the Finnish Defence Forces' stringent security level requirements.

The final result is an easy-to-use and manageable service that offers a better user experience compared to the paper-based process. The service is offered in both of Finland's official languages (Finnish and Swedish) as well as in English, and it makes it easier to handle matters that are related to military service and special operations forces as the person can apply for several different forces with a single sign-on.

"It's great that the Finnish Defence Forces develops its services with the aid of digitalization and carrying out this project with them has been a very smooth process," emphasizes Valamis' CEO Jussi Hurskainen.

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