A new type of model for the management of competencies and qualifications

80 %
reduction in registry errors
40 %
time saved in management and maintenance tasks for competence and training registers
23 %
reduction in the number of classroom-type training sessions
20 %
reduction in the duration of classroom-type training sessions

We designed and implemented, in close cooperation with Phillips-Medisize, a new type of model to the Valamis - Learning Experience Platform for the management of competencies and qualifications.

The client

Phillips-Medisize offers a comprehensive range of product design and manufacturing services to the healthcare sector. Their selection of products includes dosage delivery devices, healthcare and laboratory components and supplies, pharmaceutical packaging and medical and diagnostic devices. Phillips-Medisize has production facilities in North America, Asia and Europe. The company's European units are based in Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The challenge

Phillips-Medisize operates in a sector subject to a strict regulatory framework. Staff must be familiar with the relevant regulations and adhere to them fully at all times. The company is required to keep reliable documentation to ensure that all staff has undergone the required orientation and training programs and that qualifications relevant to their work tasks are up to date. The company's activities are regulated by, for example, the legislation issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The industry is also regulated and monitored by the EU and the Finnish supervisory authority Valvira. Additionally, the company's activities are informed by client-specific guidelines and standards.

Audits are performed to ultimately ensure that the staff's competence complies with all requirements. Auditors must receive verification that both the content and validity of the requirements are met.

Challenges in the verification of competence and qualifications in general

The solution

We designed and implemented, in close cooperation with Philips-Medisize, a new type of model to the Valamis - Learning Experience Platform for the management of competencies and qualifications. All information on trainings, orientations, guideline updates and other related activities is recorded in the Learning Record Store (LRS), which allows for the compiling of detailed reports whenever required. Users can see at a glance whether, for example, the qualifications of all teams are up to date.

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform can be used to set up learning targets and allocate them to the respective employees. Task-specific qualification requirements are easily accessible to everyone. Activities related to improving competence can be combined into units, and targets can be set and monitored flexibly.

Guidelines and quality documents, as well as their amendments or updates, can be managed through one system and allocated to each work task. For example, employees do not need to concern themselves if simple spelling errors are corrected from guidelines. In the case of slightly more important, but low-risk amendments, the updated guidelines are read and acknowledged personally. In the case of major updates, the guideline can be published as online learning material and supplemented with a test that verifies competence. If necessary, testing can be organized in a monitored environment.

The outcome

The Valamis - Learning Experience Platform rounds up information that was previously scattered and allocates it in an appropriate form to the correct users. Users can see their valid trainings and qualifications directly from the system, as well as what they need to study or complete next. For example, when a new member of staff joins, all activities requiring verification, such as verbal orientation, receiving of their key or any training sessions can be recorded in the system right from their first day. Management and HR are able to monitor that competencies and qualifications are kept up to date.

According to Phillips-Medisize, with the solution, the overall time saved in production is 3.5 percentage. In addition, the solution's most significant benefits are the facilitation of tracking and handling of guidelines as well as the management of qualifications, detailed as follows:

the facilitation of tracking and handling of guidelines as well as the management of qualifications

"The Valamis - Learning Experience Platform helps with keeping our staff's competence and qualifications compatible with requirements, providing employees with easy access to updates and allocating guidelines to the correct persons. In the future, it will be possible for us to use the solution in the efficient management of all training sessions, from online training to certificates and registry management", Sunna Lihavainen, Quality Specialist at Phillips-Medisize, explains.

Jyri Pötry, Senior Consultant at Valamis, is pleased with the success of the cooperation:

"We worked together incredibly well, and I would like to give my thanks to everyone at Phillips-Medisize. The cooperation succeeded in producing a result with which compliance requirements can now be fulfilled effortlessly. Staff are free to focus on their normal work tasks, while the system takes care of the rest. The benefits are considerable both in quality and in financial terms", Pötry explains.

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