National Institute For Health And Welfare

A responsive and accessible web service

The online services of a key player in promotion of health and welfare are now responsive and accessible

"Responsiveness and accessibility were our keywords for this project. The successful modernization of our Web services has made us an information provider that can serve social-service and health-care professionals, decision-makers, the scientific community, and the ordinary citizen with equal accessibility," said Maria Ojaluoma, Head of Publishing and Web Services for the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), about the organization's project. THL's role is to be a truly comprehensive information provider. The professional expertise of this R&D institute, established in 2009, extends from molecular biology and environmental health to nutrition and service systems.

"The Web service is by far the most important publication and communication channel in all our operations. In conjunction with the modernization, we wanted to ensure that its capacity can withstand a crisis. In ordinary circumstances, our Web service receives around 450,000 visits per month; in an emergency, it must be able to cope with 200,000 hits a day," said Ojaluoma.

THL is tasked with promoting the welfare and health of the Finnish population, preventing illnesses and social problems, and developing Finnish social and health-care services. It is a great responsibility, and this was kept in mind during the modernization of the Web services, which was done carefully and with the best resources. Since THL was looking for an up-to-date technical platform, not just a revitalization of the site's look, Liferay was found to be the most suitable publication system for the site, which has several thousand individual pages.

For Valamis, which carried out the technical specification work and implementation for the Web service, working with THL was an outstanding experience. The team at THL was active and committed to achieving the best results, without compromise. This wellfunctioning partnership generated essential information and skills for use in daytoday operations, along with opportunities for further development of THL's services.

"Working with Valamis was smooth sailing. Put simply, it was a lot of fun," Ojaluoma said after the first stage of the project was completed on schedule. The Web service overhaul will be completed in its entirety by the end of 2014.

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