Improving work efficiency with digital solutions

The forestry company, Tornator was in the market for systematic data management and in the end, acquired the ability to anticipate business performance. The mobile application developed especially for the company also streamlines the working methods used in fieldwork.

"See the forest for the trees"

Tornator is a forestry company that sells felling rights to its forestlands to various timber buyers. Tornator manages its forest assets and sells both plots and soil resources in Finland, Estonia, and Romania. Among its key values, Tornator regards responsibility as particularly important, and it's a value the company could see reflected in Valamis' own operations.

Tornator was looking for a solution that would tackle a specific challenge it had encountered in its core business operations: the optimal utilization of forest resources.

In order to implement data-driven management in its operations, Tornator first needed to get a comprehensive overview of the current situation and then extract the most essential facts from this enormous volume of data.

Certainty in decision-making through the prioritization of information

Up until now, Tornator had found that the absence of enough structured, up-to-date and sufficiently detailed information compromised certainty in decision-making. After the new ERP system was implemented and plug-ins had been added, the volume of data has increased to such an extent that it has become extremely challenging to distinguish what is the essential information for decision-making. At this point, a large amount of this information was still unstructured and scattered throughout different processes.

Tornator is a sustainable forestry company, which means that the growth of forest resources should exceed cutting volumes. This would result in a positive balance. If this methodology would be applied to business information, there should be more information available in a usable format than what is actually needed. It is difficult to fully benefit from the data assets if you cannot form a comprehensive overview. You must determine the content that is essential for business and the factors that have the biggest impact on key figures.

Not all information is equally valuable, so it was crucial to have good analytics tools to find the business-critical information in the large volume of data—that is, so to speak, finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Well-founded strategic choices, thanks to detailed data

At the beginning of 2017, Tornator launched the project's pilot phase in Finland, in which the analytics system platform offered up-to-date information on the key figures, a comparison with goals and the first forecasts for the business management. The solution was called TornaSight (Tornator Insight) as it provided the company's management with a new kind of insight into the dimensions that influence business performance at each particular moment.

"One of the greatest benefits is report automation: information flows directly from subsidiaries to the Group's management. This solution will enable us to make better forecasts, analyze the data we receive and visualize results more easily," says Project Manager Kimmo Kortelainen, describing the concrete benefits for the business.

The cooperation between Valamis and Tornator has further expanded and, in the following phases, Tornator's subsidiaries in other countries will start using the analytics solutions in their own operations. The Finnish operations have already leaped ahead in development, with the solution evolving with predictive analytics that provides recommendations.

Previously, up-to-date content was available once a month but TornaSight makes it possible to review situation-related information daily. The most important factor is that the most essential and business-critical indicators and the data required for them can be found in large volumes of data.

The data produced is utilized, for instance, when making decisions on the management of international business operations, competence and process development and the generation of growth in line with the company's strategic focus areas.

The mobile application makes traditional working methods more efficient

In addition to data management, Tornator also found other areas in their working methods that needed modernization: the assessment of felling sites. Tornator checks the harvesting quality of the felling areas and ensures, among other things, that habitats of special importance, as defined in the Forest Act, are appropriately taken into account in felling. Previously, the harvesting quality was monitored using a paper assessment form, with the results being recorded manually and only when the person carrying out the assessment had returned to the office. Tornator recognized this as an area for improvement.

With the mobile application, the Tornator employee can choose the felling site on the basis of their location, make the assessment and save the results so that they can be used by analytics immediately. The application and the content produced by it show in real time the areas where assessments have already been made.

The application helps to not only streamline the process significantly but also to ensure that the assessment is made for the correct site as the application knows the user's location and entries.

Development never ends

Digital solutions have permanently improved Tornator's core business opportunities. It is easier to make strategic business decisions when you can base your decisions on a data model that has been tailored according to real business needs.

"This solution provides us with flexibility, expands ubiquitous services and enables the deployment of the same service at the international level," says Juha Immonen, ICT Operations Manager at Tornator.

Not only has Valamis built the technical solutions but it has also acted as Tornator's partner in providing analytics and reporting expertise. The operating methods that have been enhanced with digital solutions improve Tornator's data-driven management opportunities and boost its competitiveness.

For instance, as predictive analytics solutions continue to evolve, the company will strengthen its position as a competitive expert in its sector.

"We aim to create strategic partnerships with competitive parties that bring added value to cooperation. Valamis fits this description well," says Project Manager Kimmo Kortelainen, commenting on the successful project.

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