Focus on the Outcome, not Features – Succeed with Learning Technology

webinar on demand

Purchasing a learning solution does not mean just buying the technology but also buying the business benefits. It is essential to focus on the outcomes instead of features to succeed in the procurement.

In this webinar with Valamis’ Founder Mika Kuikka, Chief Product Officer Pauliina Kulla and Head of Design Jarmo Valmari, we will show you how we partner with our customers to build learning systems that create value on every level of your organization’s learning.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How our partnership approach works in practice
  • How we can help you to find out what is really needed in your organization’s learning to create maximum value
  • How our experts in learning, design, technology and data science help our customers to build engaging learning experiences
  • How Valamis customers inspire our product development

Broadcasted on: 28th of January 2021
Duration: 45 min


Mika Kuikka

President, Valamis, North America

+1 (617) 959-7438

In addition to being President, Mika Kuikka is one of the co-founders of Valamis. Mika is an online learning enthusiast. He is responsible for Valamis business in the US, operating from Boston, Massachusetts. Mika has helped organizations of all sizes in their digital transformation of learning, translating the customers' voice to the product development team of Valamis - Learning Experience Platform.


Pauliina Kulla

Pauliina Kulla has several years of experience in developing cloud-based solutions in global environment. She has a master's degree from Aalto University School of Business specializing in Information Systems Science. Pauliina is fascinated about improving customer operations with user-friendly digital solutions and a fan of customer-focused service design.


Jarmo Valmari

Head of Design at Valamis

Jarmo has been leading and managing the design of products and services at Valamis since 2014. Jarmo’s design-driven strategy work has helped organisations from private and public sector for the past 15 years.