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Working as an extended enterprise with a variety of external partners like resellers, freelancers, or subcontractors can bring additional challenges if your reputation depends on these parties to properly represent you. Getting everyone on the same page requires a smart and sustainable way of training everyone, no matter when or where. At Valamis we are experts when it comes to providing excellent learning experiences that go beyond your internal employees.

Combining local specifics with global direction

How do make sure that partners in various countries follow your organisation’s global directives while considering local regulations? Balancing the two can feel like charming a snake, especially if your L&D team is located in only one place. You can count on Valamis’ strong expertise to play the right tunes and put that snake to sleep.

Our Customers

Make the most of your internal knowledge database

Are you dreaming of a global academy to train all your employees and external stakeholders? Maybe your content even has selling potential?

Generating additional income by selling your expertise on a platform is very simple. By using a versatile solution like Valamis, you can become a thought leader in no time – and even monetise it if you wish.

Be recognised – also through your external partners

Does it give you a headache thinking about aligning the brand guidelines and values with all of your external partners?

Resellers and subcontractors are your extended public face, so training them to understand your brand, messaging, and marketing strategies is a no-brainer. Let us help you convey your vision to external partners in a lasting way.

Arm your technical staff for any possible adversity

Having technicians installing and fixing your product out in the field requires your L&D team to be the perfect drill instructor. You need to provide updated information, the latest technical data, and you have to make sure, your troops always have access. With Valamis as your strategist, your people will be prepared for any battle that comes their way.

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Bring new external partners up to speed in no time

A new reseller or subcontractor joining your organisation is like having a new member introduced to the family. And just like with family, a lot of communication is key to make them feel at home but also to learn the house rules.

Let Valamis act as your onboarding partner to help your newcomers fit right in.

Provide exactly the right tools for each job

Knowledge is as important as actual tools when it comes to training your partners, customers, and subcontractors. But how do you know how to help them most efficiently?

Valamis Analytics helps you making learning transparent so you can pinpoint and personalise your training efforts to the right audiences, times, and places.

Teach customers how to use your product the right way

Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Complicated products and services can confuse customers and cause a high demand for support. We can help you make your customers experts – it’s not rocket science, after all.

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What are you waiting for?

Valamis is a modern learning platform with proven success in external training scenarios. Our experts are happy to tell you more and help you every step of the way – take the first step already today!

Request a 15 – 20 minute call with one of our experts to discuss your use case and get some pointers on how to move forward.