Learning is key for developing great software

To work with software is to constantly redefine what’s possible – so you have to rely on a learning solution that can also push the limits. Valamis is your ally to help you stay on top of your game and be prepared for any challenge coming your way.

The software landscape is far and wide – and so are your learning needs

As a software provider ourselves, we know how rapid innovation and safety challenges are changing. You can rely on Valamis’ content partners to provide in-depth specialized training as well as broad-ranged upskilling to support specialists and generalists with achieving mastery.

You can say we are a software development company, but we are actually in the people business because we sell our peoples’ knowledge, and people are the most important asset we have.

Signe Lass

Global Head of Talent , Helmes

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Include practical training in learning paths

Collect learner feedback to improve your L&D

Use quizzes to make sure skills are mastered

Create assignments to see skills in practice

Connect with your experts everywhere on the planet

You have teams across the globe with various cultural and skill differences working remotely? With our custom audiences and branding, you can engage every last one of them long-term. Make them feel valued and understood by providing personalized learning using content recommendations and dashboards.

Enabling the #OneValtech vision
Valtech, a global digital agency with around 4,200 employees, sought a unified learning platform to personalize the learning experience for its growing workforce. They turned to Valamis, which helped create the One Valtech Journey. This central learning system delivers tailored content to employees worldwide, ensuring learning is accessible, timely, and effective.
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Off the shelf integrations

Valamis integrates with many common technologies to make learning as seamless as possible. Use quick microlearning implementations in your daily flow of work to improve your skills without sacrificing a lot of time.

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Versatile Skills Management

Tracking of learning impact and skills development

Track ROI with modern analytics

Prove business alignment with conclusive reports

Talk to an expert

Our experts can show you – from one software provider to another – how we can partner up to improve your learning.

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