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We are Valamisians

We’re a global team united by a shared goal of helping people become better learners. We are also bikers, book lovers, coffee enthusiasts, dancers, and more. At Valamis, everyone is seen and valued as an individual.




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International work with a Nordic core

Founded in Finland, Valamis is growing internationally and has offices around the globe, stretching from Boston to Jaipur. The company culture is rooted in Nordic values with the importance of work-life balance, equality, and transparency at the core.

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Core values

For us, core values are not just words on a sign. Instead, they are the foundation of our company culture. We have created our values together and let them guide our everyday actions. These four core values bring out the best in our people:

Responsibility, Sense of Community, Development, Customer Focus

Sustainability values

Life at Valamis – Be You, Here

Be you

We want every employee to feel they can bring their whole self to work each day.

You are welcome just as you are, and we value everything you have to offer.

94% of employees agree to the statement “I can be myself at the workplace”.

97% of employees agree to the statement “employees are treated equally regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation”.


At Valamis, you can hang out in the break room with the CEO, no worries.

A trainee can win a debate with the most senior person in the organisation.

Everyone’s views and opinions are valued, and ideas welcomed.

90% of employees agree to the statement “management is easily approachable, and it is easy to communicate with them”.

83% of employees agree to the statement “management communicates about important things and changes in a clear and sufficient way”.

Freedom & responsibility

At Valamis, you don’t have to earn trust. Each employee is trusted by default from day one.

With that trust comes responsibility over your own work and performance.

Valamisians have the freedom to work from anywhere, and worktime is flexible to keep your life and work in balance.

98% of employees agree to the statement “I have enough opportunities to do my work regardless of time and place”.*

80% of employees agree to the statement “I have enough opportunities to influence my work”.

*Results from Employee Wellbeing & Satisfaction Survey 2020


Learning makes all the difference in the world. We make learning possible for a lot of people – including our own employees.

We believe in learning by doing, but also utilise our own digital learning platform Valamis as well as mentoring programs, presentations, and Leadership as a Service -model to help Valamisians reach their goals.

88% of employees agree to the statement “I feel that I have developed professionally within the past year”.

84% of employees agree to the statement “I find my tasks meaningful in a bigger picture”.

We care

At Valamis, we have a wide range of benefits to support our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Valamisians actively participate in designing the benefits by sharing their ideas, so that the benefits meet our employees’ actual needs.

88% of employees agree to the statement “Employee wellbeing is taken care of well”.


Responsibility being one of our core values, we are committed to acting responsibly and sustainably in everything we do.

We believe that small actions on behalf of the environment can make a big difference.

Read more about our sustainability focus areas.

“I am motivated by the feedback received from colleagues, as well as by the fact that I feel like I’ve found my own place here. Here everyone has always helped me, and stupid questions don’t exist”.

Anna Rimmer, Senior System Specialist

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Core functions

Software development

We breathe quality code

Infra and support

Lifesavers and problem solvers in the most critical tasks


We solve customers’ issues with user-centered design

Business intelligence and analytics

Data services for proven business impact

Digital learning consulting

Masters of corporate learning and pedagogy

Project and product management

Resourcing, scheduling and project planning

Customer success

Supporting customers through our partnership approach

Quality assurance

We make sure our products are the highest quality

Data security

Keeping us, our customers and their learners safe and up to date

Sales and marketing

Brand awareness and connecting with prospects

Human Resources

Building the best workplace and community


Managing the assets for continuous growth

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