Connecting compliance to success

Your compliance training should be more than box-ticking. It’s about your reputation, building an ethical workplace and customer safety. Our modern LMS helps you to link compliance to company growth, continuous learning, and those big business goals.

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Compliance data: ready 24/7

Valamis LMS for compliance includes market leading learning analytics. Transform real-time data insights into comprehensive documentation, equip your L&D team to confidently address any inquiries that may arise.

Personalized learning paths

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Certification and recertification management

Real-time data analytics for peace of mind

Notifications & reminders

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Get your compliance training sorted in a snap with the Valamis Mobile Learning App!

Empower your workforce with seamless compliance training on the move! Valamis LMS comes equipped with a complimentary mobile app, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for mandatory learning anytime, anywhere. Join the modern workforce revolution!

Online and offline content

Rich content, all devices

Branded for your company

Mobile app included as standard

Make training deadlines visible

Easily set visible training deadlines for your team. Each learner’s homepage is personalized to their specific learning objectives and deadlines. That minimizes the guesswork and saves time. This way, everyone knows exactly what they need to do and when, making it easier for your team to stay on track and reach their goals.

Tackle all industry changes

Stay current with industry standards by integrating Valamis with leading content providers. Training content that’s 100% up-to-date and high quality.

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