Make your lawyers and paralegals specialized experts

Your responsibility is to be fully prepared for any legal scenario your customers may face, regardless of its specificity or niche nature. Our goal is to help you achieve this quickly and reliably. Our LMS for law firms supports you to make navigating the law effortless and enjoyable.

Strengthen your legal practice

You know the challenge of keeping up with the variety of regulations and legal specializations and practices.

With Valamis’ custom audiences, roles, and content integrations, you can look into the future with confidence.
We rest our case.

Provide specialized legal training

Use our Lesson Studio to safely train confidential client knowledge

Get compliance and regulations trainings from trusted content vendors

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Receive official certifications to prove your know-how

Turn compliance into completions

We understand your need to ensure regulatory compliance training without spending too many billable hours on it. To maximize your L&D efficiency, we integrate with world-class content providers with up-to-date compliance trainings and enable you to use microlearning to prepare for certifications.

Valamis customer experience Exhibit A:

A prominent legal firm based in the United States is able to personalize and automatically assign state regulatory training to their lawyers across the country. Instead of manually assigning state-specific training, the platform’s audience feature allows for the creation of tailored learning paths. By setting an audience for all lawyers by state, users automatically receive the designated state-specific learning path.

This approach streamlines personalization based on location, making the process significantly more automated for the firm’s L&D team. Their workforce development must meet distinct demands with regulatory compliances and our unified system for delivering and tracking compliance training helps to mitigate risks and enhance workforce expertise.

Modern Analytics & Reporting

See L&D ROI quickly

Prove business alignment with reports

Integrate existing technologies with ease

Make learning an everyday habit

Have your learners provide feedback and utilize personalized dashboards and content recommendations to create a sustainable learning culture. Let our analytics amaze you by showing the learning impact on your business success.

Every minute spent searching for training opportunities and required materials comes with a steep price tag in the world of law. We work to personalize the learning and deliver it efficiently, saving those precious billable minutes.

Mika Kuikka

Mika Kuikka

President, Valamis, North America

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