AI in Valamis

Built on xAPI foundations, our deep AI expertise sets us apart from the hype. It’s in our DNA.

AI-powered lesson summaries

We’re creating an AI feature that gives quick summaries of lessons. This helps learners check if the content is relevant before diving in, plus improve search result accuracy.

Generate and review summaries, saving every learner time by skipping irrelevant content.

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AI for multilingual content

Managing multilingual training content is tough for international organizations.

Our AI-based translation solution with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI technology helps L&D professionals and content creators easily manage multilingual content.

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“AI relies on the power of data as its fuel. Only accurate data points and high-quality data can produce dependable results. That’s our commitment, it’s what we do best.”

Jussi Hurskainen

Jussi Hurskainen

Chief Executive Officer

Use case: The L&D team’s challenges

L&D professionals are dedicated to managing and delivering multilingual training content. Their goal? Minimize translation time, reduce delays, and ensure accuracy and consistency across all languages.

Before Valamis

  • Time-consuming manual translation processes
  • Error-prone and inconsistent translations
  • Frequent updates needed to sync all language versions takes time and patience

With Valamis’ AI solution

Creating multilingual lessons:

  • Initial creation: Manually create a lesson in one language
  • Automated translation: AI instantly generates translations
  • Accuracy check: Edit AI-generated content before publishing

Updating multilingual lessons:

  • Single update, multiple outputs: Update one language to reflect changes in all translations
  • Centralized management: Manage all lesson information and content in one place for seamless updates

AI Data analysis tool

Imagining an AI tool that connects to your Valamis data, making it easy to ask questions and get insights?

Simplify data analysis, save time, and offer a user-friendly way to access information. Get the insights you need, fast.

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