Ready, get set – onboard

Focus your onboarding in one learning platform and create a positive and engaging experience. For both internal and external learners.


Create your content

Built-in content authoring tools, for your best onboarding program.


Deliver with ease

Define cohorts that update automatically based on your criteria.


Track progress in real time

Data-driven L&D is a breeze with Valamis, no extra tools needed.


Encourage learning

Slick UI and smart recommendations to keep people coming for more.

Effortless onboarding, continuous development

Make managers’ jobs easy by choosing an LMS with organized, data-driven management system for the admin behind the scenes.

Ensure compliance while keeping new hires engaged from the first touch point. Compose unforgettable onboarding experiences that attract and keep the best talent within one software.

“We say that digital learning is the first step in an employee’s learning journey… It is very important to us that we offer the best quality tools, learning materials, and formats for our people.”

Jaanika Kaaring

Learning Experience Platform Specialist, Helmes

Support learning from day 1

Use your onboarding LMS to target learning assignments to the right people, at the right time. Keep them coming back for more with automated notifications.

Want to know if they are progressing through the flexible learning paths? Valamis has the reports for that!

Successful onboarding cases

99% of all new managers have completed their onboarding using the Valamis platform.
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Retain top talent like Helmes – 88% of their employees say they have more opportunities to develop their skills using Valamis.
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City of Helsinki
City of Helsinki implemented efficiencies in providing high-quality, cost-effective, onboarding with their platform.
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Valamis platform overview

Bring all learning under the same platform

Say goodbye to managing and juggling multiple learning systems. Valamis is the one corporate learning platform you need – minimize hassle and maximize results.

Key capabilities

Learning paths

Curated learning experiences. Achieve learning goals and progress to earn certificates and points.

Smart audiences

Targeting new hires with onboarding programs is as slick as ever. Create custom cohorts that update automatically.

Valamis Studio

Content authoring included as a standard. Refresh old materials or design new, attention-grabbing content.


Identify what you need, match it with what you love, and watch your skills grow.


Insights that matter. Automated translations that save time. AI capabilities designed with practicality in mind.

Secure data

We built a reliable Learning Record Store into Valamis, so you can focus on what matters – your learning program.

External training

Training your service partners, resellers and external users is a breeze, thanks to our eCommerce features.


Connect your favorite tools hassle-free. No tech headaches here, just smooth sailing with your preferred platforms.


Offer meaningful learning experiences and captivating content tailored to each person.


Easily deliver compliance training and certificates with permanent or timed expiry.


Social features and user generated content help keep people engaged. Crowd-source the knowledge.


It’s never just about digital learning. Events enable blended learning experiences, either through webinars or seminars.

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