Our sustainability focus areas

We believe the future is dependent on sustainable foresight. One of our core values is responsibility, and we are committed to acting responsibly in everything that we do.


Responsible and humane work for everyone


Environmentally friendly operations


Helping customers cut their environmental footprint


Data safety and responsible use of data

1# Responsible and humane work

At Valamis, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values. We treat all employees equally, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We prioritize equality in hiring, pay, and career development, regularly seeking feedback to ensure satisfaction.

Our commitment to diversity extends to inclusive hiring practices, aiming to balance gender representation in tech roles and supporting employees of all ages. Employee wellbeing is paramount, with comprehensive benefits and tailored programs to address individual needs. Across our offices, we encourage unique wellbeing initiatives that reflect local cultures and preferences.

2# Environmentally friendly operations

Valamis aims for environment friendly activities with all its operations and purchases. As a SaaS company, our biggest environmental impact comes from servers, business travel and office energy consumption. In 2020 we were able to cut energy consumption per end user by 30% through optimizations on servers and software. Every Valamisian is trained to follow our environmental guidelines as part of the onboarding process.

3# Helping customers to cut their environmental footprint

Millions of people use Valamis around the world to learn. Valamis helps its customers in cutting their environmental footprint by decreasing the need for travelling to learn, and the need for physical learning materials. When Valamis customers use the learning system, the digital learning materials can be scaled to serve as many people as necessary.

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4# Data safety and responsible use of data

Valamis is committed to collecting, storing, and processing data in a transparent and responsible way. Valamis does not share customer data to 3rd parties.

Valamis encourages openness to its customers and partners about the uses of employee data.

Data security