Valamis & Sustainability

One of Valamis’ core values is responsibility. We are committed to act responsibly in everything we do.

Happy Valamis employees are smiling while doing their job

What does sustainability mean for Valamis?

We believe the future of work and our future itself is dependent on sustainable foresight and that in order to be sustainable, learning will undoubtedly play a huge role.

The world of work is changing, and the workplace transformation requires employees to adopt new skills in order to transition to new business needs.

At Valamis, we believe that it is globally beneficial for employers, employees, and the society to reskill and upskill the workforce, as opposed to making employees redundant. By providing a flexible training structure that incorporates a blended learning experience alongside predictive analytics, organizations can help their existing employees adopt skills proactively, or react quickly to a given crisis, by transitioning employees into new, impactful roles.

We help build more sustainable & humane businesses and societies with the power of learning.

Our Sustainability Focus Areas

Making Learning Possible

Valamis makes learning possible and available for its customers’ employees, networks, and other stakeholders. We partner with our customers to create the best possible impact with learning. Valamis employees believe in learning and its power to make a difference. Helping people learn makes our jobs meaningful.

“The idea of working for a company that is interested in human potential is very motivating to me. -- I want to believe in something important and make a difference in the world.”
- A Valamisian

Dematerialization & Emission savings

Our customers’ physical learning materials are converted to digital learning content and the digital materials can be scaled to serve as many people as necessary. Valamis’ customers can cut their environmental footprint also by reductions in travelling as a result of remote learning. As a SaaS company, Valamis’ biggest environmental impact comes from servers, business travel and office energy consumption. We are committed to cutting our energy per customer in the year 2020, and we will start tracking our travel and energy consumption in order to minimize our environmental footprint.

Sustainable and humane work and business

By offering a scalable platform for learning, Valamis helps its customers to build businesses and workforces that are designed to adapt and endure changing circumstances. Data-driven solutions in learning & development save time and resources and help concentrate on what matters. When people learn, they will be more likely to retain their jobs. Valamis is a responsible employer, and on top of fair pay, work times and fair leadership, Valamis takes care of employee wellbeing and offers many benefits and opportunities to develop.

“The people make the company. All of the people that I have interacted with at Valamis are talented, caring, customer-centric, and most importantly - genuine.”
- A Valamisian

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

DEI diagram with 3 circles: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Valamis, it’s important that all employees are treated equally regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. Equality is always behind our actions concerning recruitments, hiring, delegating tasks, career development, attending to training or events, salary or benefits or defining employees’ duties. Once a year, a wellbeing and satisfaction survey is carried out and employees’ opinions are measured.

In general, in the IT industry, most of the employees are men. We are actively aiming to balance the female-male ratio by attracting and recruiting women to tech roles. Women and men are paid equally for the same job and there are no gendered titles or roles at Valamis.

Two of our four core values are responsibility and sense of community, and we partner with companies who share our values. Our learning platform helps in making learning available for everyone regardless of job role or location, making learning more inclusive. Learning data helps to ensure that all those who need learning, get it.

Responsible use of data and AI

Valamis is committed to collecting, storing, processing, analyzing, and sharing data in a transparent and responsible way. We encourage our partners for openness about use of employee data.

We are just getting started

December 2020 is our starting point for more systematic and sustainable thinking. In the year 2021 we are committed to:

  • Building our sustainability roadmap together with our partners
  • Setting metrics and start measuring the environmental impact our business has
  • Making the environmental impact of using Valamis visible as the training is digitized
  • Using natural resources sustainably, for example by decreasing the use of printed materials in our marketing
  • Keeping up the efforts to maximise our employee wellbeing