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Assemble your know-how to make learning your best product.

Overcome the barriers of location, time, language, and technology and focus on the important thing: engaging your learners and improving your business.

Train anyone – anywhere – anytime

Provide branded learning on a global scale while considering local specifics, requirements, skill levels, and different roles to capture and amaze all your target groups with Valamis Custom Audiences & Academies – all in one place.

Lightsource BP
The core of Lightsource bp's learning setup is "The Learning Hub," powered by Valamis, offering a comprehensive learning experience. With its competency-based structure, employees are better engaged and aware of essential skills for company growth and strategic goals. Using the platform, they can identify and address skill gaps while advancing their careers and personal development.
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Improve internal & external experts & technicians

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Educate customers

Provide training on-site & on-the-go

Utilize eCommerce

Let the platform do the work for you

Capture the attention of blue-collar workers with personalized content for skill development and let our intuitive UX for learners and admins engage people to learn in their pace without being overwhelmed.

Valamis Learning Paths function as personalized guides, empowering organizations to cultivate engaging journey tailored to your unique needs. With the ability to seamlessly blend various learning modalities, from face-to-face sessions to eLearning modules, it empowers both learners and L&D teams to navigate versatile programs effortlessly. Combined with robust analytics, it provides insights into adoption and learning impact, while efficiently managing compliance and certification requirements. It’s not just about learning; it’s about creating meaningful pathways to success.

Jari Jarvela

Jari Järvelä

Chief Visionary Officer, Valamis

Content? No problem

We understand your need for high-quality compliance and change management in an agile environment. Our content integrations with industry-standard certifications help you to stay on the safe side. Always.

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Monitor all your global L&D efforts

No matter how many audiences you have – with our combined dashboards, you can track and align everything in real-time. Use our top-notch analytics to keep an eye on cost efficiency and scalability and be prepared if the stakeholders come knocking.

Solve some of the most common issues of your legacy L&D

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Digital & Connected:
Say goodbye to content silos

Part of the journey:
Organize & manage events within your platform

Safe & Simple: Combine IT security with easy access & integrations

No more guessing:
Integrated Learning Record Store

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