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Identify areas for upskilling and reskilling with clear data. Our platform uses data to guide you – no confusion. We make it simple to find and manage your employees’ skills.

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Valamis Skills Management evaluates skill levels to pinpoint gaps and create bespoke upskilling and reskilling programs. Ensure your team is always competitive and ready for challenges and opportunities. Let your team reach their full potential.

The City of Helsinki trusts our centralized learning delivery to generate cost and time savings. Valamis allows them to keep the training quality consistent across the organization. All employees will have easy access to learning content on any device at any time, making individual upskilling and reskilling much easier.
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Magyar Telekom's "Top 5" learning program

In their innovative approach, Magyar Telekom invited 3,090 learners choose a skill that they wished to improve. This unique approach led to transformative growth.
60% of participants completed their chosen skill with some impressive engagement results.


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Digital literacy the top skill chosen

“With its commitment to support employees’ upskilling and professional development, Lightsource bp has fulfilled the ambition to become a Learning Organization.”

Elisabetta Galli

Global Head L&D , Lightsource bp

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Level up your team’s skills with Valamis! Our HR system integrations, insights, and succession planning will take your development initiatives to new heights.

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