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Be sure that the workforce is knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to meet the demands of their roles after your next product training.

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Product trained employees, happier customers

Expertise is crucial for happy customers and all employees need in-depth product knowledge to survive! From understanding the product range to addressing those tricky customer questions.

Valamis platform overview

Keep all your product training in one place

Valamis keeps all the training materials in one place. This makes it easy for employees to find and learn what they need about the product. Since everything is in one spot, everyone gets the same information, keeping the team’s knowledge consistent.

Training for all stakeholders – anytime, anywhere

Offer everyone a personalized experience, with a learner-friendly interface designed for easy product training.

Whether it’s employees, partners, resellers, or customers worldwide, deliver tailored training in the language and format that suits their needs.

Audiences for different training groups.

Event management tools.

Multi-lingual platform.


Content authoring for your brand's identity.

Make product training content more engaging

Our modern LMS platform supports various multimedia elements like videos, interactive simulations, and quizzes, making product training more engaging and effective.

Perfect for growing teams

With our LMS, product training can easily scale to accommodate the needs of you while you are growing. Whether it’s a handful of new employees or hundreds, the system can simultaneously deliver training to multiple individuals, regardless of location. This is especially beneficial for organizations with a global workforce.

Keep an eye on everyone's progress

Managers can monitor who has completed the training, assess quiz and test scores, and identify areas where employees might need additional support. This data-driven approach helps ensure that everyone has the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.

Product compliance and certification

For products that require certification or compliance training, an LMS can automate the certification process, track completion, and even remind employees when they need to recertify.

Valamis can scale alongside the MadeiraMadeira retail team’s growth, for example, expanding to other countries with languages other than Portuguese.

Camila Girundi

Vice President of People & Culture, MadeiraMadeira

Streamline your product training content

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We care about the user experience of Admins! Ours is easy to learn and simple to use

Your content, your way

Content authoring tools that enable you to make great company content, fast

Analytics and tracking

Providing you an easy overview of who’s up to speed on product training, when and where

Old content, revitalized

Import Scorm or xAPI packages and turn old content into new training

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