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Business is changing faster than ever before, and the need for skill development is crucial to keep up with the pace of change. Yet, there is less time to learn. How can you make learning productive, but also engaging?

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The Complete Learning Ecosystem

By combining the leading learning technology with user-centric design, data science, and integration capabilities, Valamis LXP is a complete learning ecosystem serving both the needs of an individual and an organization.

“The user experience is very polished, which makes it very easy for the users to use the platform."

Osku Kannisto,

Valamis is built for your needs

Valamis LXP is a highly modular and scalable system that can be delivered to a wide variety of organizations. Large enterprises. Public sector. Security-conscious. We are able to deliver the software with an easy setup through cloud, or customize an on-premises solution for you.

  • Engage

    Build the core of your learning ecosystem and integrate your systems for more personalized and engaging learning.

    • LMS + LXP capabilities
    • Content authoring tools
    • Native mobile learning apps
    • Learning Record Store
    • Flexible learning paths and personalized recommendations
    • Training event management
    • Tracking learning with xAPI
    • Learning channels
    • Advanced Learning Analytics
    • Advanced integrations
    • Branded learning experience
    • 24/7 support
  • eCommerce

    Monetize your learning assets within your learning ecosystem and analyze your eCommerce data.

    • Valamis Engage features
    • eCommerce
    • eCommerce reports and dashboards
  • Premium

    Scale, measure, and predict new opportunities for learning and business impact.

    • Valamis Engage and eCommerce features
    • Custom reports and dashboards
    • Custom branded mobile apps
    • Customized learning and performance analytics
    • Custom development
    • Influence future product roadmap

What Can Valamis LXP Do for Your Organization?

  • Stay competitive

    Stay competitive

    Analyze skill levels, proactively upskill your workforce, and align your L&D initiatives with your business goals. Ensure learning is happening just-in-time and at the point of need.

  • Engage learners

    Engage learners

    Boost engagement with modern, intuitive design, and flexible learning paths. Add AI-based content curation, social learning features, and certificates to contextualize and personalize learning content. Provide consistent online and offline learning experiences for mobile devices.

  • Provide quality content

    Provide quality content

    Utilize the built-in Lesson Studio to create your own lessons and integrate external course marketplaces such as LinkedIn Learning, OpenSesame, edX, Harvard Business Publishing, and more. Combine different types of learning contents from both internal and external sources into learning paths.

  • Learning integrated into your workplace

    Learning integrated into your workplace

    Learning should be a part of your employees’ everyday work, not a separate solution. Connect Valamis with your software systems.

Key Features

  • Great UX - everywhere

    Mobile Learning App

    Valamis coalesces the most important components of learning experience into an intuitive user interface. Log in using a web browser and start learning, or go to the native mobile app to learn on-the-go and download learning materials offline.

    Mobile learning
  • Recommendations


    Finding personalized learning content is as easy as searching for a movie to watch on your favorite streaming service. Valamis LXP can recommend learning content that is relevant to your role, and help prevent skill gaps.

  • Seamless integration

    Seamless integration

    Integrate Valamis with your existing learning ecosystem to work in conjunction with your: HRIS, LMS, content libraries, and internal content databases. You can also integrate Valamis with Slack, ERPs, CRMs, YouTube, or almost any other internal or external system.

  • Content authoring

    Content authoring

    Make your own content in Valamis’ content authoring tool called, "Lesson Studio" by utilizing text, images, videos, and quizzes. Learners can create learning materials and share with their peers. You can also import ready-made materials into Valamis.

    Lesson studio
  • Built-in LRS

    Built-in LRS

    Utilizing xAPI, Valamis LXP comes with a built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) which saves all your learning activities securely and enables you to also integrate your existing LRS into Valamis.

    Valamis LRS
  • Flexible learning paths

    Flexible learning paths

    Valamis LXP enables comprehensive learning paths that can contain lessons, assignments, webinars, classroom training, and even external courses from course marketplaces.

  • Learning analytics

    Learning analytics

    Measure, analyze, predict and improve the effectiveness of your learning and development programs. With Valamis LXP you can connect learning activities and employee performance.

  • eCommerce


    Sell training to your customers, partners, resellers, and other networks. The scalable platform makes it possible to localize the training to fit each market.


“It is great working with you! A fresh breeze in the murky forests of online learning systems!"

Felicia, Sverok

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