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Valamis Learning Solution

Modern LXP, traditional LMS, secure LRS and analytics. Everything you need in just one solution.

Valamis Learning Solution is the complete end-to-end platform to unify your learning. Our experts will work with you throughout the process to ensure you get most out of your learning experience.

  • 8x

    the engagement

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Results from a customer with Valamis Learning Solution,
compared to a previous learning platform

Customer stories

  • Sverok
  • Amadeus
  • NASA
  • Phillips-Medisize

Innovative learning experience for Sweden’s Gaming Community

Sverok needed an innovative and interactive way to meet the specific training needs of 55,000 young gamers from 1,700 gaming clubs across Sweden.

Scaling Personalized Learning for 1 Million Users

We designed and built a global learning environment for Amadeus so they can train their employees, partners and clients in over 195 countries.

We help NASA inhabit Mars

NASA wants to create global interest in space and attract the best and brightest graduating engineers to work in the aerospace industry.

New devices for product design and manufacturing service

We designed and implemented, in close cooperation with Phillips-Medisize, a new type of model to the Valamis - Learning Experience Platform for the management of competencies and qualifications.

Flexible Packages

  • Valamis Engage


    • Build your dream learning solution and create engaging content.

    • Integrate your systems for a smooth, easy experience.

    • Includes LMS & LXP capabilities, LRS, analytics, 24/7 support, and more.

  • Valamis eCommerce


    • Everything from Valamis Engage with the added benefits of eCommerce.

    • Monetise your assets by turning great content into profitable revenue.

    • Includes integration with payment gateway providers.

  • Valamis Premium


    • Includes all Valamis Engage and eCommerce features.

    • Scale, measure, and predict new opportunities for learning.

    • Gain an edge with customised development and reports.

  • Josh Bersin, Global Research Analyst, Public Speaker, and Advisor

    “Valamis has essentially built the modern end-to-end learning platform every company dreams about.”

    Josh Bersin, Global Research Analyst, Public Speaker, and Advisor

  • Gabrielle de Bourg, Learning Manager at Sverok

    “We wanted a flexible, modern platform that could be tailored to our needs, offer the latest technological innovations, and grow with our organization over time.

    Valamis was the only platform that met all our requirements.”

    Gabrielle de Bourg, Learning Manager at Sverok

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  • Mary Broch, Manager of Online Learning Systems, Amadeus North America

    “We really like the learning paths and the way you can curate the content into a learning path. And we really also like the roadmap that Valamis has which matches our own which is to get to the point where we can really personalize the learning and provide the learners exactly what they need at the right moment.”

    Mary Broch, Manager of Online Learning Systems, Amadeus North America

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Why Valamis

Valamis is a modular, highly scalable system that can be delivered to a wide variety of organisations. Large enterprises. Public sector. Security-conscious.

End-to-end learning ecosystem

Valamis inclusive experiences

Your learning and development needs in one place

Valamis is a complete learning ecosystem that allows you to upskill and reskill your team whilst making your learning tech stack easier to maintain with one centralised core. We are your strategic partner and will grow with you as together we build the ultimate solution to engage your people.


Integrate and grow to meet your team’s evolving ecosystem

Integrate Valamis with your existing learning ecosystem to work in conjunction with your: HRIS, LMS, content libraries, and internal content databases. You can also integrate Valamis with Slack, ERPs, CRMs, YouTube, or almost any other internal or external system.

Learning Analytics

Measure the impact of your learning on the business and find what is working and where you have skill gaps

Use your own data warehouse or Valamis’ built-in LRS to save all your learner activity and measure it with Valamis Learning Analytics. Measure, analyse, predict and improve the effectiveness of your learning and development programs. With Valamis LXP you can connect learning activities and employee performance.

Content Authoring

Create a culture of learning and innovation by empowering your learners to create and share content

Make your own content in Valamis’ content authoring tool called, "Lesson Studio" by utilising text, images, videos, and quizzes. Learners can create learning materials than share them with their peers. You can also import ready-made materials into Valamis.

Mobile Learning App

Timing is everything when it comes to making learning a habit. Meet learners on-the-go

Enhance your learning experience with accessible knowledge that is readily available anywhere you are. Valamis is designed to work across various devices to make learning on the go easy to use. Empower employees to learn with flexibility with a convenient approach to knowledge.


Learning that adds value to your people

Our eCommerce solution enables you to digitise courses, train your network of contractors, promote your skills and knowledge online, and more.

Your Partner in Learning

Valamis is more than a platform

Valamis offers 24/7 customer support. We have in-house experts in design, data science, technology and digital learning that will help you adapt to meet the speed of market change. We are here every step of the way.

People Who Trust Us

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