Enabling the #OneValtech Vision for all global employees through L&D


  • Creating a unified learning experience for a rapidly growing global workforce of 4,200 employees
  • Incorporating diverse content sources into one platform for personalized learning paths


  • Implemented Valamis learning platform to deliver tailored onboarding and compliance training
  • Personalized learning paths based on job roles, countries, and other factors
  • Integration of external learning sources alongside internal content
  • Streamlined certification processes with 100% digital certifications


  • Reduced time-to-performance through personalized onboarding paths
  • Consistent learning experience supporting the One Valtech Journey
  • Improved accessibility and user experience for developers and digital experts
  • Enhanced learning paths and internal initiatives delivery

Valtech is a full-service agency for making everything digital – from business and management consultation to business transformation and connecting experiences between physical and digital worlds. With a global workforce of ca. 4,200 employees and growing, the company provides professional help with strategic planning, data utilisation consulting, implementation support, and everything required for organisations to modernise and digitise their operations.

The challenge: creating a single starting point for all learning that connects the dots for a personalised learning experience for employees worldwide

Over the last decade, Valtech has acquired 17 new companies, increasing their talent base considerably, with 2/3 of their employees in specialist fields being developers.

This growth confirms why there is a strong need for global onboarding and compliance training processes, which at the same time can be tailored to individuals yet still bring people together in the Valtech way of working and culture.

A large quantity of content is needed with many employees in different specialties, which made it unsustainable for Valtech to create all learning content themselves. The company needed a way to incorporate the constantly growing amount of internal and external content into their platform, and ensure that all employees could independently broaden their field of knowledge whilst the specialists could increase their, more detailed, expertise.

The key was to focus on resources instead of complex course models. Valtech required a solution that allowed them to change content in one place and make it available for everyone quickly. They needed a natural starting point for all things learning.

“I have the feeling that we are not ahead of Valamis with our thinking. That is a good indicator for a fruitful partnership. A service provider should be ahead of us in terms of setting the standard of what we can do with the platform.”

Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, Global Learning & Development Director, Valtech.

The solution: one solution offering learning content to the right people at the right time and in the right way

Valtech is now working on building personalised onboarding learning paths based on job roles, countries, and other factors to reduce the time-to-performance. At the same time, all content delivery is done in the same style and feel, supporting the One Valtech Journey. This way, every new employee gets exactly the content they need while also learning about the general working culture and values that define the company.

Instead of generalised, regular compliance training for all employees at fixed intervals, the company is moving towards a more personalised approach that enables individuals to complete or renew their mandatory certificates upon expiration. Not only does this approach save everybody a lot of time and effort, it means that the certification processes will be 100% digital.

Valamis enables Valtech to integrate various external learning sources side by side with their own content and deliver them within learning paths that maintain their branded style, making it feel like part of the One Valtech Journey. Content can quickly be exchanged, updated or removed to make sure all specialists can improve their skills at any time, staying up to date in the quickly changing world of digital consulting. They have around 1,500 active users that regularly learn with the platform.

Valtech has many developers and digital experts who work with cutting edge solutions every day. Valamis provides a fresh, cool, modern look and UX; qualities that are expected as standard by this industry. It has removed any potential friction and provided better accessibility. During the decision-making process, Valtech tested which platform would require the least amount of clicks to start a learning video for the end-user, and Valamis was able to provide the best experience.

Instead of presenting the learners with single pieces of content, they are now finding ways to utilise learning paths to improve the learning experience. Internal initiatives are also delivered and implemented via the platform.

“We needed a platform that’s clever and ambitious in terms of the tech. Valamis provides a clear roadmap we can trust instead of mere marketing headlines.”

Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, Global Learning & Development Director, Valtech.

Future plans

The combination of LXP with LMS and LRS features that Valamis provides enables Valtech to gain valuable insights throughout the organisation. By using new features, Valtech will begin to identify the connections between learning and business outcomes.

AI will also provide more ways to personalise content delivery and the smart use of video content within learning paths.

Valtech wants to find a way to automate engagement which will reduce the time-to-performance. However, this is not just about quickly getting people up to speed in the workplace, but about encouraging them to follow the same principles and way of working. The ‘One Valtech Journey’ is key.

“The Valamis platform is so configurable that we can basically do whatever we want to.”

Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, Global Learning & Development Director, Valtech.

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