Lambda Chi Alpha

Transforming member learning experiences for North America’s largest fraternity with Valamis


  • Streamline training: Personalize training programs and content creation
  • Learning engagement: Increase and improve member interaction with digital training
  • Modernize learning: Improve the digital approach to member training


  • Valamis implementation in 2023: Digital transformation for member training
  • Enhancing learner experiences: Personalized learning paths with content integration
  • Engaging with fellow members: Gamification and social learning features


  • Large initial enrollment: 4,000 members enrolled by the end of 2023
  • User friendly interface: Overall positive reactions to the platform’s learner experience
  • Asynchronous learning: Members can choose their own learning pathways

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, one of North America’s largest men’s fraternities, embarked on a digital transformation journey as part of their revolutionary approach to enhance their members’ learning experiences. In their quest for excellence, they discovered the Valamis Learning Solution. This case study explores how Lambda Chi Alpha transformed their educational programs through a partnership with Valamis to maximize member digital training.

The challenge

Lambda Chi Alpha was facing a unique set of challenges regarding both collegiate and alumni member experience. They needed to streamline their training programs, increase and improve engagement, and modernize their approach to learning to ensure it drives engagement and builds performance. Traditional methods weren’t meeting their evolving needs for their growing organization, making it clear that a digital transformation was necessary.

Creating personalized learning for members

Lambda Chi Alpha discovered Valamis, a leading learning experience platform, which offered a comprehensive solution with its versatile features, personalized learning paths, and integration capabilities. After identifying what worked and what didn’t in the past, and focusing on the needs of each user, together with Valamis, the fraternity is reimagining their approach to learning to create a customized educational experience that drives engagement and builds performance for each individual member.

Lambda Chi Academy

Their new interactive learning platform, Lambda Chi Academy, aims to optimize and enhance the member learning experience by creating ease for both instructors and users. By enabling a scalable, uniform approach to learning, the organization is able to meet individual learning needs while exciting members to learn. The new Lambda Chi Academy contains:

1. Personalized learning paths: Lambda Chi Alpha is able to create individualized learning journeys for their members. This feature ensures that each fraternity brother receives relevant content, enhancing their learning experience.

2. Content integration: Lambda Chi Alpha’s existing resources and training materials have been able to seamlessly integrate into their new Valamis platform. This has helped the admin team save time and resources while maintaining the fraternity’s established curriculum.

3. Gamification and social learning: With the new platform, users can use gamified elements and social learning features, making the learning experience engaging and interactive. Members are able to collaborate, compete, and learn from one another.

4. Robust analytics: Valamis provided Lambda Chi Alpha with in-depth analytics, enabling them to monitor member progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact of their educational programs.

The new platform also has the ability to operate on different devices, so members can browse lessons, attend events, write their assessments, network and engage in discussions on the device of their choice, further enhancing the personalization for each platform user.

Measurable results

The Lambda Chi Academy was introduced in mid-September 2023, and by the end of the year, it had garnered 4,000 enrolled members. While it’s too early to gauge organizational advantages, initial feedback from users has been highly favorable. Both collegiate and alumni members express great satisfaction with the platform’s aesthetics, describing the modern interface as crisp, intuitive and user-friendly.

Collegiate members now have the unprecedented opportunity to tailor their learning experience according to their preferences. They can easily engage in asynchronous learning, participate in live virtual sessions, or download content for in-person training. This flexibility has proven to be a significant advantage for both students and alumni.

A significant achievement is the introduction of the learning leaderboard. Valamis collaborated closely with the Lambda Chi team to design a real-time leaderboard that tracks a learner’s progress compared to their peers, as well as their colleges and other institutions throughout North America. By fostering a competitive and enjoyable environment, Lambda Chi has successfully motivated learners and created opportunities to recognize and celebrate success.

Navigating the administrator interface of Valamis proved effortless for Lambda Chi members. Despite having limited internal expertise, the team successfully developed a curriculum comprising more than 240 learning assets and assessments. Valamis played a pivotal role in facilitating our design processes, and the team swiftly acquired proficiency in utilizing the system and its applications.

Looking ahead

The collaboration between the Valamis platform and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has brought about a substantial improvement in the fraternity’s educational initiatives. Through the consolidation of content, customization of learning paths, and the incorporation of gamification tools for learner engagement, Lambda Chi Alpha is able to effectively pursue its goal of promoting lifelong personal growth and leadership development.

We have an aggressive pipeline with multiple learning journeys and activities planned for the future as a result of our new academy implementation. By the end of 2024 we are aiming to have in excess of 10,000 collegiate members on the platform; all supported by a network of alumni who are delivering live sessions, assessing submissions and building a network of learners across North America, said Simon Taylor PhD, Chief Learning Officer, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in enabling organizations to grow, adjust, and enhance the overall learning experiences for their members.

About Lambda Chi Alpha

Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is one of the largest men’s general fraternities in North America with more than 300,000 initiated members and has held chapters at more than 300 universities. Complemented by its partnerships with the American Red Cross, Movember, and Feeding America, Lambda Chi Alpha serves to enhance higher education by providing opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, personal growth, career readiness/networking, and lifelong friendships. Lambda Chi Alpha brothers model and embrace our values: loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage. To learn more about Lambda Chi, please visit

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