Digital Learning Assistant

Invite Valbo, an AI-powered learning assistant to join your L&D team

The Digital Learning Assistant is built to support learners and instructors

The AI assistant is ready to help your employees learn at their pace, at any hour of the day, and also has the power to make the learning experience highly personalized.

AI supported learning guides your employees towards better performance

The learning assistant learns about employees as they learn.

It recognizes what their skills are, what they have learned so far, and suggests what they should learn next. Based on the data it collects it can offer them the information they need before they even know they need it. The learning assistant is a guiding force, driving the learner and the entire organization to better performance.

The learning assistant curation model

Automate the routine

Automate the routine Traditionally people are in charge of the creation and curation of the learning materials, as well as recommending or assigning those materials to target users and user groups. The digital learning assistant can automate this routine: it follows the learners’ progress and distributes relevant materials.

Scalable Learning

The learning assistant makes your organization’s learning environment extremely scalable, as there will be less need for outside human interaction in the learning delivery.

More time for individuals

L&D professionals will finally have the opportunity to truly serve the learning needs of each individual.

Changing Expert Role

L&D professionals will work together with the digital learning assistant, teaching it and fine-tuning its recommendations and profiling.

"When considering potential use cases for chatbots in the enterprise, application leaders should first assess the impact on resources. There are two options here: replacement or empowerment. Replacement is clearly easier as you don't need to consider integration with existing processes and you can build from scratch. Empowerment enhances an existing process by making it more flexible, more accommodating, more accessible and more simple for users."
– Gartner, Four Use Cases for Chatbots in the Enterprise Now, Van L. Baker, Magnus Revang, 16 February 2017

Digital Transformation of the Workforce

Creating Human Touch for AI Revolution

Learn insights about the benefits of proactive retraining and reskilling, and how you can better understand the economics of learning.

The always helpful colleague

You can invite the digital learning assistant to join your company’s communication platform.

It will help you in providing your employees zero-friction access to the learning materials. The conversational interface makes interacting with your learning assistant effortless, as chatting with it is as easy as chatting with a colleague. And it has always time to talk!

Store learning materials intelligently

The learning assistant makes it easier to publish new lessons and learning materials.

When sharing files like PDFs, powerpoint presentations or Youtube videos with your learning assistant, it turns them into lessons and makes them available for all who might need them.

It stores the materials in a sustainable way, and no important knowledge will get lost in hard drives or emails ever again.

Content curation with the help of AI-powered chatbot

At Valamis we decided to call our internal learning assistant Valbo. Check out what Valbo can do for content curation:

What’s under the hood?

Behind the friendly user interface of the digital learning assistant is conversational AI with deep learning. The learning assistant collects big data from all the conversations it has, and analyzes it to better understand the learners' needs and to improve the quality of recommendations.

Use the Valamis digital learning assistant to connect learners to information from all your systems, instead of looking for it on each individual system.

The personal learning assistant is not the only way how AI can be harnessed in your learning platform. Read more about how AI can help in making better learning experiences and measuring learning: Diving into the Learning Experience – machine learning, AI and chatbots.

Digital Learning Assistant - What’s under the hood?

The AI-powered learning assistant is your new best friend

Personalized learning

It makes learning and development highly personalized by profiling learners according to their education, preferences, and capabilities.

Easy to use

Conversational interfaces are easy to adopt and use.

Always there for you

At-the-ready all hours of the day to help the learner find what is relevant to his current context or task at hand when the learner asks.

Intelligent recommendations

Provides proactive and predictive recommendations for the learner (e.g unfinished lessons).

More efficient onboarding

Can act as an onboarding assistant delivering the relevant materials to the new employee.

Frictionless learning

Significantly improves the efficiency of employee training by making it more accessible and personalized.

Take care of your learning materials

Digital learning assistant makes publishing, sharing and storing the learning materials easier.

Learning with impact

Connects learning with KPIs.

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