Valamis - Learning Experience Platform

Built to empower employee performance and reach business goals. Designed for training, with the ability to identify skill gaps before they affect your business.

Valamis LXP Environment


Create a single digital ecosystem that connects each component of your L&D strategy, together.

Integrate learning environment, mobile app, communication channels and intranet to bring, new, rich learning experience to employees.

Import external expertise into your learning programs through integration with content providers.

Learning and Development with Valamis' integrations

Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

Help your employees to find the right learning materials for their current challenges fast and precise, so they can spend their precious time on mastering them.

IKD can provide you contextualized content according to your individual tasks and needs.

Using advanced methods like machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), IKD can analyze videos to find the exact right moment with the answers you are looking for.

Valamis Intelligent Knowledge Discovery

Digital Learning Assistant

Make learning more personalized and bring microlearning to the next level.

We developed unique technology - an AI-powered digital learning assistant - to help you with learning on a daily basis.

An AI assistant can provide more accurate answers and suggest learning materials relevant to employees individual traits.

Valamis Digital Learning Assistant - ValBo

Mobile Learning

Provide flexible on-the-go learning for your employees with the mobile learning app. Give your employees the ability to choose when and where to learn, and what device to use.

Use push notifications to inform employees about new learning materials.

Create your own videos and guides with the mobile device and publish it as a learning material.

Valamis Mobile Learning App


Make your corporate learning activities effective by leveraging the microlearning approach.

We’ve developed unique technology to bring microlearning to the next level - an AI-powered digital learning assistant that makes learning more personal and helps people reach their potential.

Valamis Microlearning

Event Management

Manage all of your training activities in one place. Train people in a global network with multiple locations and time zones without any problems or inconsistencies.

Use email and mobile push notifications to inform your employees about the training event they are participating in.

Webinars, eLearning courses, coaching, mentoring, lectures, simulations, behavior modeling, on-the-job training - With Valamis you can handle it all.

Valamis Event Management

Learning Analytics

Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your learning and development programs.

Identify potential skill gaps among the employees before it affects your business.

We apply AI-powered technologies to connect learning activities and employee performance, in order to analyze how learning affects business outcomes.

Valamis Learning Analytics

Content Authoring

Create a “stunning” content with the powerful built-in authoring tool.

Now anyone can build nice looking lessons within minutes. At the same time, instructional designers have the capability to create impressive courses and learning paths.

The autosave function will prevent data loss and save your time.

Valamis Content Authoring Tool

Knowledge management

Valamis LXP makes the gathering, organizing, sharing, and adapting knowledge easy, efficient and cost-effective.

We've combined traditional ways of information storage with AI-powered technologies, to have fast and friendly access to information in a single consolidated environment.

Valamis Knowledge management

On-the-job training

Help employees perform better at their role.

Reveal the skills they need to perform their specific job and provide applicable on-the-job learning without productivity loss.

We’ve combined different modules to support on-the-job training with real-time analysis and feedback of job performance.

Valamis On-the-job training

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