Hey HEMA, the app for everyone who works at HEMA


All the news and all HEMA information available in one place.

“Fully informed and optimally involved! With hey HEMA I really feel HEMA.”
- Kasper Mönnich, Product Owner hey HEMA


HEMA is a Dutch retail company and has more than 750 stores in 8 countries, 19,000 employees and around 32,000 products and services. The ‘hey HEMA’ intranet was built with Liferay and brings together 19,000 HEMA employees in 8 countries. Personalized news, payslips and schedules can be viewed through every device.

In Brief

Sector: Retail;
Country: The Netherlands;
Use Case: Intranet, Mobile;
Key Functionalities: Personalized Multilingual Content, Roles & Rights, Decentralized Content Publication, WCM, SSO, App, Integration Backend Systems; Access based on Roles & Rights.


  • Connect all 19,000 employees to one platform
  • Employees must be able to use the platform daily in a simple and attractive way
  • Integrated back end systems
  • Personalized multilingual content, for mobile and desktop
  • Decentralized publication to only own employees


  • All employees access
    All employees access

    Link with backend systems; access based on roles & rights.

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop
    Mobile, tablet and desktop

    Improved experience for every target group, on every device.

  • Every day hey HEMA
    Every day hey HEMA

    More involvement through personalized content, centralized and decentralized publication.

  • Manageable content
    Manageable content

    Content adapted to target and location; personalized content for 8 countries in 5 languages.

Personalized Content Every Day

The collaboration between the HEMA team, Liferay and implementation partner Valamis resulted in a targeted approach and a successful delivery. HEMA employees use hey HEMA every day to view personalized news, tasks, training materials, documentation and procedures. Personal information such as rosters and salary slips is also consulted on a daily basis. Hey HEMA offers access to underlying applications as well.

Access in Own Language

Every HEMA employee in each business unit (Distribution Centers, Bakery, Support Office and all stores) now has access to hey HEMA when access was restricted to the Netherlands in the past. With the new hey HEMA, every employee in each of the 8 branch countries is connected to the intranet in his own language.

HEMA emvirounment - Access in Own Language

“With the help of Valamis, Liferay offers us the opportunity to bring all employees in contact with one another in a cost-effective and accessible way.”
- Kasper Mönnich, Product Owner of hey HEMA

Segmented Information for Every Employee

HEMA uses this channel to provide employees with relevant and up-to-date information. The extensive role and rights structure of Liferay has made it possible to realize this. Valamis developed a solution to publish and distribute messages on every device based on specific employee characteristics.

Always, Everywhere and on Every Device

HEMA wanted to offer employees access to hey HEMA anytime and anywhere. To reach this goal, a mobile first approach was chosen. Partner Valamis developed the mobile app with Liferay Screens.

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