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The only learning platform built on xAPI, data is at the heart of our platform. Integrate with ease and connect the dots to create tangible benefits for the business.


Save time

Make it easier to set up and manage your ecosystem.


Keep in sync

More automation, less manual work to synchronize data.


Augment your library

Your content and external content in one place.


Keep track

Improve tracking with one centralized solution.

Off the shelf integrations

Valamis plays nice with other systems.

Learn in sync with your goals. Save time and effort by plugging in the business tools and HCM systems your people already use and have user data in.

Interface image showing Valamis integrated with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration: Learning at your fingertips.

Bring learning into the flow of work. Integrate Valamis and Microsoft Teams to manage training events effortlessly, and enable learning and collaboration in one spot with a single sign-on.

All the content, a single contract.

We consolidate leading content marketplaces into a single contract with transparent pricing and expert curation with support from our 3rd party partners. Learners enjoy a single platform to access all the content they need.

The platform with impact

5xincrease in engagement

A customer in the financial sector deployed Valamis to help build an active learning community.

100%training completion

A customer in the management consulting achieved perfect core training completion with Valamis.

€4,2Mtraining-related savings

A public sector customer saw a massive improvement in cost efficiency with Valamis.

210%increase in content creation

A customer in ecommerce boosted internal content creation by 210% with Valamis.

Interface image showing platform features.

Connect the dots between your business and L&D.

Training becomes understanding when your company learns with Valamis. Our award-winning platform future-proofs your business by helping people learn and adapt more effectively.

Interface image showing a certificate and a leaderboard.

Minimize hassle. Maximize results.

Say goodbye to managing and juggling multiple learning systems. Valamis combines all the key capabilities of a modern LMS from skills to compliance, with deep roots in data.

Not just a customer. We're partners.

We’re passionate about learning. And partnering with companies that see the world in the same way we do. You don’t just get a technical solution – we can become an extension of your L&D team.

“Valamis has been helping us to streamline the online learning processes, content delivery and reporting. We can always count on the Valamis team.”

Ilkka Eerola

Development Manager, City of Helsinki

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