Enforcing international cooperation with a global learning environment


Hivos wanted to strengthen their sense of community and solve the challenge of having regional offices and partners in multiple locations. The solution was a Liferay Social Office based intranet with an integrated Valamis eLearning platform.

Hivos is an international organization seeking new solutions for persistent global issues, such as freedom of expression, sexual rights and women's empowerment. With smart projects the company opposes discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet's resources.

The headquarters of Hivos is located in The Hague, Netherlands. In addition, the company has five regional offices in America, Africa and Asia. Hivos has projects in 27 countries and is cooperating with 722 local partners in order to implement their projects. 


Hivos puts a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge and expertise within the company and needs to take their international communication and collaboration to the next level. Furthermore Hivos wants their external partners to be able to participate in the company's internal eLearning courses. 

However, the existence of a very basic company intranet and the lack of an eLearning platform prevented social interaction, collaboration and learning within Hivos and with its partners. Hivos was looking for a solution that would strengthen their sense of community and solve the challenge of having regional offices and partners in multiple locations. 


The solution is a Liferay Social Office based intranet with an integrated Valamis - Learning Experience Platform, which enables the sharing of knowledge and expertise as well as collaboration and social learning. Both Liferay and Valamis are open source and easy to use and implement on an international scale.

This was our first implementation carried out together with our official Valamis partner Componence, a Liferay Platinum Partner located in the Netherlands. Componence was responsible for renewing the social intranet for Hivos, when the customer decided they also needed an eLearning solution.

Upon Hivos' request to have an open source eLearning solution with strong collaboration tools, Componence advised an integrated Valamis learning environment. After being introduced with Valamis, Hivos decided that it suited their needs perfectly. 

As Componence continued being responsible for the intranet renewal, Valamis took responsibility of the Valamis and eLearning part. Valamis and Componence worked closely together and highly benefited from each other's experience and qualities. In this way we were able to make the most of both Liferay and Valamis and to provide Hivos with an outstanding solution.

"We first chose Liferay and then decided that Valamis was the best possible solution as an eLearning platform. Both Liferay and Valamis were out of the box ready solutions, which played an important role in the final decision. We also found the integration of Liferay and Valamis interesting and of added value for us", tells Bram van Kersbergen, Web Coordinator at Hivos.


As a result, Hivos now uses Liferay as their primary social intranet solution with the focus on collaboration and document sharing. Valamis is their primary learning platform in order to enable knowledge sharing within their organization and between its partners. This solution has made it easier for Hivos to connect worldwide, to find people and to collaborate with each other. 

"Now we can collaborate and learn from other projects and proposals more effectively. Also, we have used Valamis learning solution to strengthen and share our company DNA with our colleagues worldwide", explains Bram van Kersbergen.