National Institute for Health and Welfare

Managing data in an e-learning environment

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) wanted to develop a new way of sharing information and at the same time renew its online training services in a consistent way. We created an e-learning environment for them, covering a variety of different training modules.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is a research and development agency that operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. THL conducts high-quality research to improve the health and well-being of the Finnish population. It also serves as a statistical authority in the social welfare and health sector and develops social welfare and health care activities in general.

One of the main goals of THL is to share the high-quality information that it produces in an easily accessible form. Their target group of health professionals is expansive, but because everyone has the right to see the material, the number of visitors is high. It is important that the information is up to date and readily accessible.

"THL's online schools enable us to reach our target audiences regardless of the time and place. People can study at their own pace and at times that are the most suitable for them. Exams allow students to test their competence and prove it to the employer," explains Tero Lehikoinen, Project Manager for the development of online training.

Uniform online schools enable access to information

At this point in the history of THL's e-learning environment, the benefits of digitalization are becoming more and more evident.

To meet THL's training needs, we customized Valamis – Learning Experience Platform for them so that it

  • is divided into clear sections according to training materials
  • is available for all mobile devices
  • will be light so that website administrators can easily update the materials when necessary.

In developing the engaging learning environment, it had to be flexible enough to support microlearning in order to enable easy and quick access to relevant information.

Professionals need to have the essential information readily available, so that time is not wasted when situations occur that must be addressed. When the material is well structured, it also serves proactive communication that leads to improved operational readiness.

Diverse learning materials result in a more meaningful learning experience. Content can be added to online schools in the form of text, images, and video. In addition, the learning environment contains vocabularies of key terms and concepts to facilitate the learning process.

The whole is the sum of its functional parts

Although the content of the online schools is mainly targeted at professionals in the health and social welfare sector, it is presented in an easily understandable format that is accessible to everyone. The content/materials address changing practices in the healthcare sector, and everyone should have the right to be aware of these changes.

New independent data sets can be easily added to the online learning environment. In addition, each set of learning materials also includes an estimate of the time that it takes to go through the material, helping students to plan ahead.

A medical worker with the tablet.

The online schools clarify the roles of the various actors regarding the exchange of information and confidentiality, and strengthen the customer-oriented multidisciplinary cooperation.

As the information is clearly presented and always available, concerned individuals are prepared to act before problems arise, thereby boosting efficiency.

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