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  • September 29, 2016

Gartner's Digital Workplace Summit 2016 Key Takeaways

Last week I took part in Gartner's Digital Workplace summit in London. Thousands of people around Europe attended to hear what digitalization is really about, what it affects, and how can organizations benefit most from it.

What is a digital workplace?

According to Gartner, rather than being a physical space or environment, a digital workplace is a business strategy to boost employee agility and engagement through a more consumerized work environment. 

The management of a business that aims to be a digital workplace needs to lead the way and build the steps for employees to take. Listening to employees also makes it easier to achieve goals. Leadership should be encouraging and coherent with the business strategy, and results should be measured. Once there is a clear and invigorating meaning for working, employees become committed. They will work fluently and focus on making sure that the services meet customers' needs.

Something that is in common with all digital workplaces is they are under constant change. The goals can change without any notice at all. The use of technology needs to stay strong during processes and working. Technology needs to enhance and enable, not limit. More important than reaching the goal, is the journey and the learning that happens during it. Learning, and utilizing what you've learned is the key thing that enables change, and it should be rewarded.

Through hardship comes victory

Doesn't this kind of digital workplace sound just like a startup? A lot of safe things need to be changed fast to keep up with the competition. Organizing the workflow becomes difficult when there's so much to do. Finns are persistent and have fueled up on the will to move mountains.

How to create a Digital Workplace

Now - Estimate where you and your business are, and where you're headed. Make a conscious decision to be curious and positive about the things to come.

For the next 3 months - Challenge yourself to keep your eyes open every day. Notice those things in everyday life that could and should be applied to working life. Perhaps you'll see that something requires you to learn a new skill. Recognize and embrace it. Remember to stay positive.

In 6 months - Look back and see where you and your business are. If there hasn't been a change yet, now is the time to put the pedal to the metal.

One quote from a Future Researcher who spoke at the summit: "It's not the most important matter to foresee the future, but to live in the moment and take a positive attitude towards things and changes." You know you're on the right track once you're open to the world, as curious as a child, and keep yourself interested in new things.

Good luck to us all!