Scaling personalized learning for 1 million learners

Amadeus is a global travel technology company that makes the software behind most airlines, airports, cars, and hotels. Together with Amadeus, we designed and built the Valamis-based Amadeus Learning Universe (ALU) global learning platform in order to train Amadeus employees, partners and clients world-wide. By the end of implementation, Amadeus will have numerous localizations in over 195 countries. Learning content was personalized, managed and scaled to engage over 1 million users.

Rebecca Gonzalez is the Head of Americas Learning Services at Amadeus North America and the Global Head of Learning Design. On the video Rebecca discusses the digital transformation, the future of work, and explains how Amadeus uses Valamis LXP to scale personalized learning in their organization.

Mary Brosch is the Manager of Online Learning Systems at Amadeus North America. On the video Mary explains how Amadeus and Valamis teams cooperate to create a global learning platform called the Amadeus Learning Universe.

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