Personalized Learning

Personalised learning experiences

A tailored learning journey that begins the second you arrive. Powered by data, personalised role-based experiences for everyone.


L&D teams face the complex task of managing compliance training, including strict deadlines and certifications for new and existing employees, while also navigating the distinction between mandatory training and self-development.

Powered by machine learning our platform is designed to take the strain away from L&D teams and empower learners to know exactly what they need to do next and by when. The result? Tasks that your learners need to do are easy to see and quicker to action, giving them more time for the learning they want to do.


  • Your Platform, your Brand

    Customise the platform with your brand to create a recognisable, personalised corporate learning experience.

  • Structure icon
    What’s Next

    Eliminates the guesswork with prioritised lists of activities and content guides you to what’s important to do next.

  • Gamification icon
    Insights Leaderboard

    Our customisable widget draws data into a neat leaderboard to elevate engagement and motivate learners.

  • Events made Easy

    Never miss an event again! Pinned to your homepage, see the information about your next events at a glance.

  • Succession plan icon
    Manager View

    Check in seconds how compliant your team is. “Your Team” shows all deadlines for events, recertifications or content goals.

  • Certification icon
    Continue Learning

    Pick up where you left off, learning paths, courses and compliance training stick to the top of the personal homepage.

  • Motivate icon

    The social feed on everyone’s homepage encourages knowledge sharing and increases engagement.

  • Our App for MS Teams

    Get a clear view of your learning journey, complete with insights and recommendations, right from your MS Teams.

Continue Learning

Get up to speed fast, jump back in and continue your learning journey by:

  • Tracking Progress: Easily monitor your learning path and lesson progress.
  • Event Reminders: Never miss a workshop or webinar.
  • Instant Access: Seamless navigation with just one click.

What’s Next

Provide learners with clear guidance on what’s important for them next. Eliminate the guesswork with:

  • Mandatory Learning: Track crucial learning paths effortlessly.
  • Expiring Certificates: Get timely rectification renewal reminders.
  • Achievements and Goals: Fuel your progress with gamification and CPD points and goals.


Boost learner motivation and level up your learning with the Insights Widget!

  • Track Achievements: See who’s leading the pack.
  • Healthy Competition: Compare points with peers.
  • Versatile Placement: Use it on Valamis Home or embed it anywhere.


Explore the features of our platform and how they deliver an unbeatable personalised experience, powered by data science.

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