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Accessible Communication for All

Accessible Communication for All: Employees, volunteers, clients and more can stay in touch, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

“With Liferay, we built an accessible and personalized single portal for all communication.”
- Claire Dubelaar, Senior Online Communication Advisor, Philadelphia Care Foundation


The Philadelphia Care Foundation supports people with intellectual disabilities. The foundation needed accessible communication for all employees, volunteers, clients, relatives and referrers. Philadelphia used the Liferay platform to support communication channels for 500 locations with strict safety requirements.

In Brief

Sector: Health Care;
Country: The Netherlands;
Use Case: Intranet, Community Site, Public Website;
Key Functionalities: CMS, Forms, Geolocation, SSO, Audience Targeting, Liferay Screens.


  • Had to meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences
  • Information was spread across different systems and difficult to organize
  • Communication structure needed to be safe and future-proof


  • Uniting sites
    Uniting sites

    Unlocking different systems safely and easily with SSO

  • Accessible experiences
    Accessible experiences

    Improved experience for all audiences

  • Engagement boost
    Engagement boost

    Growth of visitors and contributions for the internal community

  • Dynamic content
    Dynamic content

    Relevant content for the audience and user

Effective Care for a Community

The Philadelphia Care Foundation wants to help people with intellectual disabilities be their best selves. The foundation supports more than 8,000 clients with intellectual disabilities from around 500 small-scale locations throughout the Netherlands. That ranges from ambulatory guidance to very intensive care.

“We are dealing with strict safety requirements and the privacy of our clients is very important”.
- Claire Dubelaar, Senior Online Communication Advisor.A

In 2013, Philadelphia faced the challenge of setting up a portal to connect disparate systems in a single site. The foundation had many requirements to meet, including integration with the existing applications. After several discussions with its implementation partner Valamis, Philadelphia selected the Liferay platform for the project. Since then, the following sites have been completed:

  • Intranet (website + native app)
  • Community site (for employees, volunteers)
  • Corporate website
  • My Philadelphia (for employees, volunteers, clients)

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

The first project was to redesign the intranet, known as Phlink. A primary goal was to give ambulatory employees access to business information on location, regardless of the time, place or device. For example, during a meeting with a client, employees may need to retrieve protocols or information from colleagues. The new intranet website and mobile app helps employees so they can always provide more effective and efficient care.

With support from Valamis, the intranet project was completed in just three months.

Philadelphia also launched a new community site called “Hey, I Have an Idea” that serves as a platform for both employees and volunteers. Users can start discussions with each other, ask questions around case histories or legislation, visit the marketplace, and post blogs and vlogs. This way, all stakeholders stay more involved in the health care process and improvements.

The Right Content for Every Audience

Across all these projects, I&A (the IT Department) wanted to consolidate platforms instead of continuing to maintain disparate systems. The Liferay platform was able to act as a central hub that distributes content to each different target group and channel. Each target group has its own information needs and Liferay facilitates this both via the web and via native apps.

Philadelphia has seen major benefits from consolidating technologies; it is now safer and easier to manage its sites at a lower cost. The content within the systems is dynamic as well. The information that stakeholders need at each moment is now baked into the design of Philadelphia’s digital landscape, and the content is adapted to each need. Additionally, the group has seen positive growth in the number of clients, employees and volunteers for Philadelphia, which it attributes to the new websites.

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