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Silta Oy wanted to serve its customers with even more easy-to-use HR and salary reporting solutions and management tools. To meet this requirement, the service environment needed renewal.

"We wanted to cooperate with a new partner in building a reporting service that would be optimally suited for the needs of our customers. We focused on executing a flexible reporting and data storage solution with the experts from Valamis which is known for its efficient and functional operations," says Laura Poikkimäki, BI Development Manager at Silta.

Valamis offers technical expertise on data storage and analytics solutions and carries out practical implementation projects.

Service solution leading to various savings

The cooperation between Valamis and Silta started in the summer of 2012. The experts at Silta brought to the table their views and wishes on the type of information that could be drawn from the HR systems. The experts at Valamis evaluated how these wishes could be presented in reporting and designed an applicable solution.

The HR and salary reporting solution offered by Silta as a service was initially piloted by a few customers, and their feedback assisted the product's development.

Developed in cooperation, the service is one of a kind. The reporting service brought together by Silta will be tailored to the customers' needs in the implementation stage. The service creates savings as the customer no longer needs to invest in the execution and maintenance of a reporting environment.

"The customer no longer needs to use their own resources for specifications and testing or obtain their own BI partner and environment as this can all now be delivered as a service," says Poikkimäki.

Silta offers HR and salary reporting solutions as well as work capacity reporting as a SaaS service. The service environment is built on the IBM Cognos Analytics as well as an integrated, customer-specific and congruent new IBM dashDB data storage.

Early intervention data enables corrective maneuvers

Early intervention data creates added value for the customer as it can be used as a basis for carrying out procedures that improve work, thus reducing sick leave and the resulting costs.

"HR and salary data is immensely valuable in the executive functions of businesses. Reporting provides information on the actual costs of sick leave and overtime, which enables the enterprise to carry out corrective maneuvers related to the well-being of the personnel. At its best, the service enables our customers to achieve considerable savings," says Poikkimäki.

The customers of Silta also save time when transferring their HR reporting operations from manual Excel reporting to analytical BI reporting. This leaves time for data analysis and the executive functions of the business.

Made possible by a skilled technical partner

"Without a skilled technical partner, we would not have had the resources to carry out a renewal project of this scale. The experts at Valamis have operated flexibly and efficiently, no matter how tight the schedule. Together, we aim to brainstorm completely new data entities and reports to offer to our customers," says Poikkimäki.
"A successful and efficient reporting solution is achieved with an iterative project model allowing open discussion between the customer and the supplier as well as strong mutual trust. In the right hands, the IBM Cognos solutions enable the implementation of a quick, visual and diverse reporting solution," says Tero Toropainen from Valamis. "IBM offers us cutting-edge technical Cognos expertise according to our needs."

Introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2016

Silta Oy renewed its business strategy in 2016 and made process automation as one of its primary business goals. The goal was to free employees' time from routine work by way of financial administration processes, for example, in order to focus on higher value work assignments. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was utilized in this and, as a familiar partner, Valamis was there to start the pilot phase and project development. The robotic solution was made using UiPath-technology. Concrete work time savings have been achieved, and as employees need to spend less time on routine work, they have more time to focus on expert advisory tasks and customer service, which is positively reflected in the company's competitiveness and quality of service. 

In the video, the Silta Oy representative explains what benefits they have achieved with the introduction of RPA in their business, and how Valamis was involved in this project: (Please put subtitles on to view the German or English subtitles).

* When collaboration started, the company was called OlapCon Oy. After company acquisition, it became part of Valamis.

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