SOL Services Ltd.: An effective eLearning solution to support training

SOL has a great annual training volume. Thus, SOL needed an efficient and user-friendly online learning solution to support both the learners and the trainers. The solution was a Valamis based global eLearning platform.

SOL Services is a capable, innovative and international service industry company with a turnover of nearly 260 M€ and employees of 12,000. SOL is a multi service company providing various cleaning, premises, property maintenance and security services.


SOL has operations in six different countries and their registered customer base covers 10,000 customers. Fulfilling their contractual obligations is a matter of honor to SOL. Thus, SOL organizes approximately 1,600 annual training events and 15,000 annual training days for their employees. Last year approximately 13,000 SOL employees took part in the trainings. With such a training volume SOL needed an efficient and user-friendly online learning solution to support both the learners and the trainers.


The solution was a Valamis based global learning experience platform with the implementation, visual design and themes following the graphical guidelines of SOL. The resulting service offers instant access to vital eLearning resources and quick eLearning courses. In addition, it offers a content management tool for the supervisors and the trainers.

"The eLearning platform implementation was lean and agile, where several out-of-the-box features were taken advantage of. With this implementation we did not only deliver a Valamis eLearning platform, but we also participated in the content creation by providing a lot of our expertise and consultation to the customer", explains the Senior Consultant Jyri Pötry from Arcusys Ltd.


The provided eLearning platform aims at decreasing the time spent into the training and introduction processes. At the moment there are 41 trainings in the system and the aim is to replace a major part of the classroom training with the online training. Also, the video based training brings along all the advantages of eLearning, such as independence from time and venue, as well as the possibility to return back to the training anytime.

Valamis embodies special features, such as social learning and possibilities for exploiting diverse content from various sources. Furthermore, with Valamis analytics it is possible to receive detailed information regarding to the learning progression.

"We expect that the cooperation with Arcusys will help us in developing our own operations, which again would brings us cost savings and release our personnel resources for customer and personnel use", says Merja Oljakka, the Director of Staff Development from SOL Services Ltd.