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Discover how Valamis can revolutionise your organisation’s training and education programmes, saving you costs and time while maximising the effectiveness of your learning initiatives. Unlock the true potential of your workforce while optimising your budget with Valamis – the ultimate solution for cost-efficient, results-driven learning.

Saving L&D costs amid economic challenges

Economic turmoil has impacted many sectors, so is your L&D strategy financially sustainable if difficult times arrive? Valamis supports cost-effective organisational training by integrating individual learning tech and resources, shortening course completion time with learner engagement mechanisms, and optimising your L&D implementations through enhanced analytics and reporting.

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Balancing resource optimisation and workforce growth

Optimising resources while nurturing your workforce’s growth is paramount in the current business landscape.

Valamis transforms traditional training and empowers businesses to optimise their resources, reduce expenses, and enhance the overall efficiency of their learning programmes.

Optimising L&D content investment

Your employees’ adoption and retention significantly impact your learning and development programmes’ ROI. Does your organisation’s training system motivate your learners?

Valamis places high value on user-friendliness and engagement, whether it is about allowing your learners to take courses on-the-go, personalising learning recommendations, empowering employees to author learning content or using gamification to excite your learners.

Condense learning ecosystems for efficiency

Do you have to juggle multiple learning tools to curate training content, follow learners’ engagement, manage their skills and career development, and analyse the impact of your L&D strategy? Valamis Complete Learning Solution unifies all your training initiatives into one modern learning system, saving money and effort.

Valamis features

Streamline content creation

Creating, acquiring, and managing a large pool of high-quality training content that matches industry standards and business strategy is complex and costly. How can you ensure your L&D tech stack best leverages the investment?

Valamis’ cloud-based learning system keeps all your internal and external lessons in one place. It streamlines your content creation process with Lesson Studio to turn existing materials into new formats and uses AI to support the creation.

Measure the impact of learning systems

Quantifying the investment of your learning system with business outcomes can be challenging but necessary to demonstrate ROI. Do you know how to measure L&D outcomes to show ROI?

Valamis’ robust analytics and reporting capabilities enable organisations to comprehensively track and measure the impact of training programmes on employee development and assess learner progress to effectively justify their expenses in terms of improved performance and cost savings.

  • “The centralised learning delivery generates cost and time savings. The learning platform allows us to keep the training quality consistent across the organisation. All employees will have easy access to learning content on any device at any time,”

    Ilkka Eerola, Development Manager at the City of Helsinki

Cost savings supporting features

  • End-to-end solution
  • Content partners
  • Content authoring tools
  • Learning Record Store
  • Mobile learning app
  • Simple event management
  • Seamless integrations
  • Reporting & data analytics

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Cost efficient learning doesn’t have to be difficult to figure out. Talk to our L&D experts who can advise you on how to make your training and development programmes efficient and successful, without spending extra costs.

Request a 15 – 20 minute call with one of our experts to discuss your use case and get some pointers on how to move forward.