Data informed L&D

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Bid farewell to the era of generic education and step into a world where every learning experience is unique to you! Valamis harnesses the power of AI, Machine Learning and data science to redefine your learning. It’s not just tailored; it’s impactful, engaging, and with proven results.

Personalised learning journeys

In a world of diverse learning needs and paces, a generic approach never works. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all learning! With Valamis, you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create tailored learning journeys, made for individuals.

Personalised for you

Boost success with predictive learning insights

Sailing the vast ocean of L&D initiatives and possible outcomes can feel like steering a ship through fog.

Map your journey for success in advance. Predictive analytics forecast how different learning strategies will perform, allowing your to refine and rethink in advance, ensuring better outcomes.

Using real-time data for smarter learning

Do you find it challenging to refine your learning strategies effectively?

Our advanced learning analytics provide real-time data insights to reveal learner behavior, guiding you toward efficient solutions. Save time and resources with data-driven decisions.

Intuitive recommendations

In a sea of content finding the next thing to learn can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our “Recommended for You” content is your smart, personalised learning companion who understands your interests and history. No clutter, no completed content in recommendations.

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Features supporting data-powered L&D

  • Learning Paths
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Content Recommendations
  • Personalised home
  • Insights leaderboard
  • Direct database access
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    Expert guidance
  • AI generated content

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Whether you’re an AI driven-data geek, or just starting out on the journey, our experts are here to guide you through what’s best for your business needs.

Request a 15 – 20 minute call with one of our experts to discuss your use case. Allow us to inspire you with possibilities.