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Building a learning culture driven by intrinsic motivation is a significant challenge for L&D professionals. Motivation is a complex blend of various components that require continuous improvement. Valamis can assist you in enhancing engagement and attracting more learners by offering incentives that naturally foster a desire to learn, without the need for coercion.

Unleash engagement and boost employee retention

We understand that learners may sometimes feel limited to mandatory compliance content, which can lead to a lack of motivation and interest in learning.

That’s why we have developed Valamis Learning Paths, an organized approach to tracking progress and setting goals. We help you create an environment that encourages active participation with a rewarding experience.

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  • XP inc. demonstrates impressive results, with a notable increase in both engagement and visits when compared to their previous system. These positive trends underscore the success of the new system they’ve implemented.

  • 8x

    monthly active learners compared to old LMS

  • 5x

    % increase in content authored by employees

  • 3x

    higher monthly logins per learner

Simplify learning data tracking

We relate to your desire to improve learning efficiency without the confusion of recording data using multiple Excel spreadsheets.

Valamis will rescue your team from complicated data tracking with our built-in Learning Record Store, analysing areas for additional training and providing insights to make targeted adjustments.

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  • Valtech, a digital solutions company, used the Valamis LRS to analyse learner needs and uncover improvement areas. The LRS analysis showed that training modules were taking up to 2 hours longer than expected, translating into a substantial amount of billable time lost for 5,000 employees.

    This data-driven administrative approach allowed the L&D team to adjust their learning content, reduce completion times and enable new employees to quickly acclimate to their roles.

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Empower your learners

Do you face difficulties in fostering employee career growth and empowering managers to have meaningful career conversations with your team?

Take charge of your team’s growth and keep them engaged by empowering them to shape their careers. CareerBurst can save you money on recruitment and help create a culture of satisfaction that yields a valuable ROI.

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Produce engaging content

Creating engaging learning content can be a time-consuming task for your L&D team, making it challenging to compose unique content tailored to your users’ needs.

Let us assist you in streamlining your content creation process. Our content authoring tool, Lesson Studio, revitalizes existing content into new format courses and we support integrating material from our range of content partners.

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Excite learners with gamification

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to exciting employees about your organisation’s learning program?

Valamis is here to help you find the perfect approach for your learners. With Learning Paths, CPD point scoring, and digital badges, learners can earn points to achieve goals, making learning more enticing.

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Personalise learning recommendations

Are your employees non-responsive to your learning content and efforts? Do they only complete mandatory lessons and never come back again?

Try the Valamis way: By getting to know each employee’s roles, goals, and interests, we can recommend the right learning content to the right person at the right time to make them crave for more and increase motivation.

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Supporting features

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    Powered content authoring
  • Mobile app
  • Teams integrations
  • Content partners
  • Off-line learning

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