Skills Management

Developing successful learning strategies hinges on the existing skill levels of your learners, existing gaps, and awareness of unused potential. The better you know the situation, the easier you can create and adjust your existing content library to meet the needs you identified. We at Valamis made it our mission to provide you with the tools and data to bring out the best in your people.


See everything in one place

Tired of using three screens at the same time? Looking for a certain employee’s skills and expertise levels in six different Excel sheets can quickly become a nuisance.

Try the Valamis way: Our lucid Skill Matrix allows you to gather all relevant data in one single place. This can save time, effort, and spare you headaches by streamlining skills management.

Skills Matrix

Illustration of skills in Valamis

  • XP Inc. is using Valamis to bring together compliance, development training, asynchronous and synchronous learning, as well as interactive knowledge sharing channels like forums and wikis. We successfully provide all learning components in one single place.

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Simplify managing skills

Bringing skills and learning together can feel like trying to build a castle with dry sand. How to make it stick?

By providing skills with learning tools in one unified platform, Valamis helps you to connect the dots and use learning strategies as a tool to empower your people and business.

Valamis Skills

Illustration of simplifying a process

Skills based on data

There’s usually a lot of guesswork when it comes to managing skills. Many times, you can only trust your gut, hoping for the best.

Our targeted data reporting can help you quickly identify any links, gaps, strengths, or weaknesses across the company skill set to make educated changes and refine your strategies until you’re back on track.

Valamis Analytics

Illustration of skills data

Identify skill gaps

How can you know if and where there are gaps in knowledge and capabilities within your teams if they don’t know or share?

With our Skills Management module, you can easily collect and rate the skill levels of every individual, creating a new level of visibility that will help you pinpoint areas of improvement for upskilling and reskilling.

Skills Gap Analysis

Illustration of skills gaps

  • The City of Helsinki trusts our centralised learning delivery to generate cost and time savings. Valamis allows them to keep the training quality consistent across the organisation. All employees will have easy access to learning content on any device at any time, making individual upskilling and reskilling much easier.

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A solid framework that works for you

It’s easy to feel lost trying to come up with a solid way to categorise skills that will remain relevant in the future.

We’re here to help you navigate the dense jungle of possibilities and set up a skills framework that truly represents the entire spectrum of competence in your organisation.

Skills Matrix Template

Illustration of skills framework

  • The overall monitoring of our employee’s qualifications is important to us. What skills are available to us today? What kind of knowledge do we predict we’ll need in the future? In the highly competitive fields of technology and digitization, it is essential for our company’s success that we have the professional skills of every employee checked and developed – throughout their career.

    Valamis L&D-Expert

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Find hidden talents

What if we told you there is a wealth of untapped potential all around you?

Valamis provides you with the treasure (skills) map to follow right to the vast riches of talent you never knew you could harness for more success. Find rough diamonds in your teams and help them shine.

Valamis Skills

Illustration of finding talent

Supporting features

  • Personal skills dashboard
  • Data growth icon
    Skills reporting & analytics
  • Organisation & manager views
  • Set skills for audiences
  • Content icon
    Favourite skills bookmarking
  • Connect skills to categories
  • Modern, intuitive design
  • Succession plan icon
    Admin level access

Talk to an expert

Can you relate to one or more of the above mentioned situations? Then let’s have a conversation and let our experts help you figure out how to improve Skill Management in your organisation.

Request a 15 – 20 minute call with one of our experts to discuss your use case and get some pointers on how to move forward.