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Valamis helps you understand how your people learn best.

Training becomes understanding when your company learns with Valamis. Our award-winning platform future-proofs your business by helping people learn and adapt more effectively.

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Task and Valamis Strategic Partnership

Task and Valamis have partnered to merge local expertise with advanced technology, ensuring top-quality solutions for customers in Norway. This collaboration, rooted in shared Nordic values, focuses on creating inspiring learning environments.

Task leverages its local presence and regional knowledge to maintain smooth project execution. Valamis contributes innovative technology and expertise. Together, they offer tailored services to enhance efficiency, performance, and client satisfaction.

The platform with impact

5xincrease in engagement

A customer in the financial sector deployed Valamis to help build an active learning community.

100%training completion

A customer in the management consulting achieved perfect core training completion with Valamis.

€4,2Mtraining-related savings

A public sector customer saw a massive improvement in cost efficiency with Valamis.

210%increase in content creation

A customer in ecommerce boosted internal content creation by 210% with Valamis.

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Our people and our tools are all specialized in digital learning. We understand people and know how they react to changes. We understand corporate brands and cultivate the uniqueness of organizations. With our expertise, we can help you create motivation, identity, growth, and impact. With expertise in insight, learning and technology, we form Norway’s leading environment in digital learning experiences.

Lasse Hamre, Director of Business Development / Partner, Task
+47 911 78 817

Maintain compliance, inside and out.

You don’t need separate systems to keep track of employee recertification and partner training. Valamis is capable of keeping all your business units and partners up-to-date with one solution.

BAMA Gruppen AS

BAMA has selected Valamis as their Learning Management System (LMS) to drive their initiative towards becoming a learning efficient organization. By implementing Valamis’ LMS solutions, BAMA aims to enhance talent retention and capability building, positioning themselves as a top-tier employer in the region.

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