Valamis product buzz – Go1 Content Hub partnership

What’s the buzz?

Brand new integration with Go1’s Content Hub! Go1 hosts a huge range of content from over 200 providers (including Thomas Reuters, Blinkist, and Skillsoft) making them the world’s largest digital learning library.

Why are we doing it?

We’ve partnered with Go1 to provide our customers access to their extensive learning and development library, making even more quality content available. Go1 offer content in several different languages so you can deliver learning across multiple countries and time zones. Here is just a small selection of what Go1 can add to your Valamis Learning Solution:

How does it work?

We plug Go1 into your Valamis Learning Solution so that their content ecosystem combines with yours. Instantly start adding Go1 content to appear in your Recommendations, Learning paths, and enable learners to quickly find it using Valamis’ search.

In addition to your new content library you will have access to a Go1 specialist who will help and support you in mapping the new content to meet the personalised requirements of your people.

How will it help me and my learners?

Fueling the Valamis Learning Solution with the Go1 Content Hub means less time searching, more time learning with personalised recommendations, and no extra logins to remember.

For learners to make time for learning – they need it to be valuable for them. They need learning to be personal, so they will succeed in their role, their future role, their career, and in their lives. More quality and variety content (there’s access to 100,000+ engaging digital learning resources) as you need it increases the likelihood they will find content that serves them well.

For learning leaders support all your learners with relevant courses and balance ‘ticking boxes’ with training for innovation. Support your organisation’s performance and track skills development from inside the Valamis ecosystem whilst maintaining a cost-efficient learning solution.

“Professional development, wellbeing, and compliance courses – for all employees, at all levels.”


Discover content to grow your ecosystem!

See how you can reap the benefits of Go1’s content library and their team of experts by getting in touch with us for a demo or a free trial. For more reasons to get excited, check out all the content providers that Go1 brings together here!

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