Valamis Learning Paths

Structured, clear and engaging

Curate content into an easy-to-follow, engaging way. Add goals, points and rewards for the ultimate learning experience on desktop and mobile.

Valamis Learning Paths


Valamis learning paths are a collection of learning goals for learners to track and manage their progress in a structured way with a clean, modern user experience. Learning paths are a handy tool for organising and curating learning content and using gamification principles, allowing learners to receive awards and increase their skills in the environment.


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    Content formats

    Mix different content types and keep things interesting for learners. Use events, courses, Scorm, external links, 3rd party content, and more.

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    Make annual compliance training simple by setting a recertification time period. Recertify either automatically or when a learner choses to retake themselves.

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    Upon completion, learners can acquire certificates, achieve 3rd party-accredited badges, earn points or hit set goals to reward the process of learning.

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    External Learning

    Tie structured learning with continuous professional development points and external learning activities for learners to keep track of their progress.

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    Structure Learning

    Take the chaos out of content and use it to your advantage in a structured way. Get the right content to the right people in a clear and easily understandable form.

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    Share, Like and Rate

    Rate the content to give feedback to authors and colleagues. Share learning paths to your social feed or via messages within the platform.

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    The learning path activity report provides insight into how learners rate the content, which is most popular and their success rate when completing lessons.

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    Link to Skills

    Assign recommended skills levels to define the level of learning before joining. Add Skills that will be improved to indicate what learners will achieve.

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